Eliminate Invoice Review Headaches with AI-enabled Automated Solutions

Eliminate Invoice Review Headaches with AI-enabled Automated Solutions

The struggle of invoice review and approval is not new for AP, Procurement, and Legal teams. Manual and outdated automation of invoice and claims processing and verification results in less breathing space and greater errors, leading to prolonged review and payment cycles, spend leakage, and compliance risk. 

Did you know that around 3.6% of manually entered invoices include an error caused by data entry? On an average, AP automation can reduce your invoice processing times by 75%. 

Compromised automation and invoice processing introduce 

At Aavenir, we understand the need for faster and more accurate invoice processing and simplified invoice collaboration with vendors. 

Join our exclusive webinar on 19th October 2022, and find out how Aavenir’s AI-driven Invoiceflow solution can help you overcome invoice processing and review headaches, and streamline vendor communication with collaboration portals.    

The session is designed for CFOs, VP Finance, AP managers, Legal and Procurement teams focused on

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