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Speed up contract cycles, enhance collaboration, and ensure compliance with Aavenir

Effortlessly draft, negotiate and execute contracts from request to signature to post-contract obligation management with Aavenir Connected Contract Management on ServiceNow.

Why Aavenir

We've been modernizing enterprise contract management processes for 25 years. We understand your problems, and we're here to solve them.

Built on ServiceNow
We know how complex adopting a new software across the organization is, that's why we've built Aavenir on the ServiceNow enterprise cloud platform.
Cutting-edge AI
Cutting-edge AI
Automation is the future—and we're the ones building it. Our best-in-class AI automates manual tasks for a fraction of the cost and in half the time.
Fully configurable
Fully configurable
We offer countless out-of-the-box configuration options that help you implement the solution to your specific business needs. We're rooting for your success and are always around to help!
Built on 25 years of experience
Built on 25 years of experience
We understand your problems because we’ve been there. We’ve built a solution that’s easy for your whole team to adopt and powerful enough to transform .
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Contract Repository

Manage all your contracts and contracting process from one single place.

Store contracts in a centralized repository 

See all your active contracts in a unified cloud-based secure repository on ServiceNow

Search and find any contract or vendor

Find the contracts and vendors you need with a lightning-fast accurate search built-in.

Use powerful filters

Filter your contracts using keywords, vendors/customers, start or end dates, contract value, and clauses present or absent.

See all important metrics

Get an overview of all the essential contract metrics in one glance with a visual, user-friendly dashboard.

Configure the dashboard for your needs

Configure the dashboard to fit your needs and see the data that helps you improve your workflow and save money.
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Contract Lifecycle Management Software Solution, Contract Request, Contract Authoring, contract negotiation, contract analytics, AI for legal, servicenow legal service delivery, servicenow sourcing and procurement operations
Contract Authoring

Reduce legal dependency for simple, repetitive contracts. Use AI to create contracts easily

Manage contract requests

Allow all your employees to request a contract with a few clicks.

Use pre-made templates

Use ready-to-go templates that allow employees to self-service contracts such as NDAs and General employment contracts within minutes.

Improve contract authoring

Configure custom auto-fill fields and improve contract authoring accuracy by up to 60%.

Let AI suggest the right clauses

Let our AI tool suggest the best terms and clauses based on geography, type of vendor and value of the contract.

Standardize your contracts

Standardize your contracts with playbooks for primary, alternate, and fallback clauses and get multi-language support.

Get legal supervision throughout

Let your legal team have complete control over contracts without the need to spend time on low-value matters.
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Accelerate your contract processes by 40% with seamless collaboration and improve your productivity

Use ServiceNow workflows
Use the ServiceNow workflow engine to design your own approval matrix and make your internal reviewing process simpler and faster.
Set up user roles and reminders
Assign roles to your internal team, send email notifications to members as the process moves ahead.
Redline contracts
Send your contracts for redlining and negotiations from within the system, without the need for emails.
Contract review with MS Word
Our MS-Word plug-in allows you to make updates to the redlined document in MS-Word itself and automatically saves it as a new version in the cloud repository.
Track changes and edit
Stop hunting through emails for communication between contract managers, legal, and external stakeholders. See every comment, edit, and amendment in one place. 
Streamline auditing
Maintain accurate contract history for auditing.
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Accelerate time-to-signature and know exactly when your contracts are expiring

View contract status easily

View the status of each contract in one single screen, and foster accountability in your teams.

Get signatures digitally

Don't waste time on getting sign-offs. Submit contracts for signatures from within Contractflow and capture e-signatures with our DocuSign integration.

Get automated reminders

Never miss a renewal date or negotiation period once the contract is active, with automated alert notifications.
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Monitor Contract KPIs and know exactly when your contracts are expiring

Analyze the right metrics

Aavenir Contractflow's customizable analytics dashboard helps you see the metrics that matter.

Track contract lifecycles

Track the volume of contracts in each contract lifecycle stage and increase the completion rate of your contracts.

Track turnaround time

Identify and resolve bottlenecks by tracking your contract turnaround time.

Prioritize contracts

Prioritize contracts and let legal focus on high-value work by tracking contract value.
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Contract Lifecycle Management Software Solution, Contract Request, Contract Authoring, contract negotiation, contract analytics, AI for legal, servicenow legal service delivery, servicenow sourcing and procurement operations

Gain complete visibility into contract obligations and achieve 100% compliance

Extract obligations using AI

Stop wasting your time manually identifying contractual obligations. Let our AI extract contract obligations for you, automatically.

Auto-generate tasks

Convert obligations into actions to be taken, automatically.

Assign tasks

Define ownership by assigning tasks to your teams to ensure obligations are met.

Automate obligation fulfillment

Ditch the excel sheets. Automate your obligation fulfillment process through a workflow engine.

Ensure supplier compliance

Fulfil your contract obligations, reduce business risks and ensure high supplier performance every time.
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Extend your ServiceNow platform capabilities to do more with certified apps.

Store all data on your secure Now platform®

Use the same single sign-on for Now Platform

Integrate with ServiceNow apps and existing systems

Install upgrades & manage compliances easily

Install from the ServiceNow Store

Connect all your ServiceNow apps & Enterprise systems effortlessly.

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Microsoft word

“Express Professionals achieves contract visibility for services agreements”

Case Study
Not all contracts are the same, and automating the contracting process with AI-based workflows helped us streamline the review process for all categories of contracts. Aavenir Contractflow added verifiable value to our processes with a unified contract repository, automated notifications, and dedicated contract management dashboards to manage contracts for our International Headquarters and for 800+ franchise offices worldwide. Not to mention the flexibility for customizations, priority training, and support received by team Aavenir was phenomenal.

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