Determine ROI of Accounts Payable Automation on ServiceNow; Measuring impact on KPIs

Russell Seifert
Sr. Accounts Executive, Aavenir
Vikram Chakrabarty
Global Pre-Sales, Aavenir

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    Learn how Automation of Accounts Payable processes can improve the efficiency using quantifiable KPIs. Attend this session to determine the true business value of AP Automation solution.

    Join Russell Seifert, Account Executive and Rohit Pareek, Director of Product Management at Aavenir to understand how to create a bulletproof business case of AP automation. In-depth ROI analysis can help justify your investments and move forward with additional savings in AP automation.

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    • Quantifiable Accounts Payable department KPIs for your business
    • Impact of Automation on key AP process KPIs
    • How to calculate true business value of accounts payable automation software investment
    • Live Demo: measuring AP process KPIs using Aavenir Invoiceflow