Projected vs. Actual Spend Visibility with ServiceNow PPM + Aavenir Invoiceflow

Expert Speakers :
Russell Seifert
Account Executive, Aavenir
Rohit Pareek
Director of Product Management

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    Identifying planned v/s actual costs is the most critical factor to drive project portfolio decisions in an optimal manner. Join us to learn how you can gain real-time visibility into project spend with ServiceNow PPM and Aavenir Invoiceflow.

    With the rise of a distributed workforce, project management teams face challenges to track budgeted vs. actual project costs - fixed, recurring, or labor. 

    As per industry benchmarks, 70% of global enterprises have suffered at least one project failure in the prior 12 months, i.e. for every $1B invested, $122M was lost in wasted resources, time, and efforts hampering project performance.

    Being a ServiceNow user, you can achieve real-time expense visibility as per project KPIs using ServiceNow PPM and Aavenir Invoiceflow. 

    In this webinar, you'll learn how project management and the finance team can

    • Automate the creation of expense lines
    • Monitor financial performance
    • Execute project audits better
    • Get insights for cost re-allocation and investment optimization