Navigating Healthcare and Life Sciences Contracting Complexities in 2022

With trillions of dollars in healthcare spend, and rising medical debt, and healthcare fraud, it is no surprise that we’re seeing an increase in regulations and reform initiatives globally.

Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are already subject to a myriad of laws such as HIPAA, Stark laws, and the Sunshine Act. Now, in 2022 and 2023, the price transparency rule, the No Surprises Act, and provisions in the Reconciliation Bill will also go into effect. Agreements across the healthcare value chain include obligations related to these laws - either explicitly or implicitly. But identifying and managing such obligations with appropriate governance and controls can be a highly inefficient process resulting in significant administrative overhead, risk of regulatory non-compliance, increased costs, and non-compliance penalties.

Couple this with existing manual processes and structural barriers that compromise efficiency and data integrity across contract-dependent processes such as claims validation, invoicing, payments, and revenue management, and we end up with non-scalable solutions that are unable to meet the agility demands that 2022 will bring upon us.

In order to keep up with competition and remain focused on their healthcare quality, accessibility, and affordability outcomes in 2022 and beyond, Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations must address contracting complexities using advanced technology.

In this webinar, learn how AI and digital workflows can come together to deliver mature, transformational contract and obligation management solutions capable of handling complex industry metadata and processes to drive efficiency and regulatory compliance not only across contract management but also across dependent processes. This webinar is for legal, procurement, clinical, provider services, governance and risk, IT and sales, operations professionals in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries responsible for authoring and managing contracts.

The webinar is focused on:

  • Building a centralized single source of truth for contracts
  • Identifying and managing obligations in agreements and regulatory requirements
  • Handling industry nuances such as complex pricing and fee schedules, FMV requirements, and affiliations and participating providers on contracts
  • Must-have capabilities that will help organizations stay nimble and competitive
Sunil Masand
SVP - Product, Aavenir
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Russell Seifert
Senior Account Executive, Aavenir
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