Managing end-to-end Contract Lifecycle on ServiceNow, using AI and Digital Workflow

Russell Seifert
Sr. Accounts Executive, Aavenir
Vikram Chakrabarty
Global Pre-Sales, Aavenir

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    Poor Contract Management Costs Companies 9% – Bottom Line *1

    2021 is the year of change, especially in contract management with rapid shifts to the business landscape and marketplace. You would expect intense scrutiny of existing contractual obligations, and the need to coordinate complex contract review and negotiation across teams working remotely.

    As a ServiceNow customer, you can quickly start managing the end-to-end contract lifecycle on your existing ServiceNow subscription using Aavenir Contractflow, a Now Platform certified CLM app available on ServiceNow Store. Aavenir Contract Lifecycle Management Software makes commercial contracts interactive on ServiceNow, giving you the power to deal with the challenges faced because of the static contracts.

    Hear from Vikram Chakrabarty, Product Expert, and Russell Seifert, Account Executive at Aavenir talking about why ServiceNow customers should bring CLM on ServiceNow. The session will also cover the LIVE CLM solution demo showcasing Aavenir Contractflow and Aavenir Obligationflow on ServiceNow.

    What is covered in this webinar?

    • Why should you bring a CLM solution to ServiceNow?
    • Difference between legal service delivery and contract lifecycle management
    • How to gain real-time visibility of enterprise-wide contracts
    • A smarter approach to manage contractual obligations using Aavenir Obligationflow
    • LIVE DEMO: Aavenir Contractflow on ServiceNow

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