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Delivering the Future of Work
Our Mission
Building Solutions for the Future
We will deliver business-enabling innovative SaaS products to our global customers, with help from our partners, while having joyous and fulfilling environment for our people.

Meet the Team

Leading by Example

Jesal Mehta

CEO & Founder

Gaurang Soni

Chief Technology Officer

Sunil Masand

SVP, Product

David Singh - Vice President, Global Sales - Aavenir

David Singh

VP, Global Sales

Megha Paradkar

VP, Customer Engagement

Why Enterprises Choose Aavenir

Change the Game with Aavenir
Extensive Domain Experience
Built and led by experts with hundreds of man years' of domain expertise in procurement operations and contract management across industries, Aavenir brings the right products and skillset to meet your industry's unique demands.
Aavenir's AI-driven source-to-pay solutions are simple, robust, and widely preferred for their flexibility, agility, and scalability. Through configurations, we help you efficiently address variations in requirements and adapt to changing business and regulatory needs.
Customer Focus
Customer focus is our core value. Our services and product teams ensure that your requirements are delivered with the utmost speed and highest quality, resulting in substantial value for your organization and your customers.
Leading-edge Innovation
At Aavenir, we constantly adapt and adopt the latest technology innovations - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and non-AI, to continuously enhance value realization for you and leverage technology advancements to help you stay ahead of your competition.
Ideal Partner for 
the Future
With a robust set of scalable and growing Source-to-Pay application footprint on ServiceNow, Aavenir not only meets the requirements you have today but partners with you in your transformation maturity journey for your future requirements.
We are an Accel Partners portfolio company.

Our Values

The Foundation of What We are Today


We embrace creativity and seek to improve continuously, always exploring new and better ways to solve problems and serve our customers. We believe that fostering innovation is key to driving meaningful change and staying ahead in our industry.

Customer Focus

We are dedicated to understanding our customer's needs, anticipating their challenges, and delivering innovative solutions that exceed their expectations. We are focused on creating a growth trajectory that benefits us both as mutual partners in success.


We believe work should be a source of joy and fulfillment. We strive to create a positive and supportive workplace culture that celebrates diversity, encourages growth, and fosters a sense of community. By finding joy in our work, we can achieve our goals and inspire others to do the same.



Great Stories Happen Over Coffee
Aavenir, which derives its name from the French word ‘Avenir’ meaning future, is a forward-thinking company with a story that beautifully reflects the adage, "Great stories happen over coffee."

Jesal Mehta, CEO and Founder of Aavenir, is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in contract management and source-to-pay domains. He observed the challenges enterprises face with siloed systems and manual processes that result in fragmented experiences for employees, customers, and vendors.
Jesal was inspired to build an organization that could bring about change, benefit enterprises by boosting efficacy, and maximize their return on investment.

In 2019, a chance meeting with AI guru Anand Trivedi over coffee marked the beginning of an inspiring journey called Aavenir. Since its incorporation, Aavenir has focused on improving user experience, integration capabilities, cross-functional workflows, and upgrade cycle time. The "idea called Aavenir" found its calling when Gaurang Soni, our current CTO, joined Aavenir.
The journey began with building a robust AI-enabled contract lifecycle management solution called Aavenir Contractflow and has grown to be powered by a team of nearly 80 ignited minds. We are proud to have built one of the most trusted AI/ML-powered product suites comprising Source-to-Pay applications on ServiceNow.

What sets the Aavenir story apart is how our connected Contract Lifecycle Management experience, Contract Compliance Management, Sourcing Management, Vendor Onboarding, and Accounts Payable Automation are transforming the game for our customers and uplifting their digital transformation journey.

Aavenir is an equal opportunity employer, and inclusivity across gender, race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or age is intrinsic to our organizational values and ethics. We always seek befitting talent to join our enterprising team of solution experts, product engineers, IT, HR, marketing, and sales professionals to grow with us in our journey.

Write to us at [email protected] or visit our jobs page for the current openings.

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