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We are committed to making procurements smarter, easier, and more joyful through technology.

Inspired by the French word- ‘Avenir’, Aavenir is all about delivering the ‘future of work’. At Aavenir, we create intelligent software that builds stronger relationships - between companies and their vendors, between employees and remote business teams. We make AI-enabled cloud-based software solutions that can simplify, automate and accelerate source-to-pay work processes. We believe that the right intelligence, in the hands of the right people, and at the right time can open new avenues to achieve ever greater success.
Over the years, we've built multiple products that optimize vendor management and onboarding, sourcing, contract and obligation management, and invoice processing by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and the world’s most loved digital workflow platform, ServiceNow. Our solutions can be implemented individually and seamlessly communicate with each other as one single integrated Aavenir Source-to-Pay suite that streamlines cross-functional processes on a unified Now platform.

Great ideas start over a cup of coffee.

Our visionary founder Jesal Mehta had spent a long tenure working on contract management, quote-to-cash, and similar source-to-pay enterprise applications. For 20+ years, he has seen how the adoption of new technologies can improve user experience, drive efficiency and unlock innovation. While implementing source-to-pay applications for global enterprises, he realized that enterprises are faced with siloed systems and manual, disconnected processes. What’s the result? Fractured employee, customer, and vendor experiences, cumbersome processes that sap productivity, and an inability to drive innovation—the lifeblood of digital transformation.

Traditional source-to-pay solutions are stuck with yesterday’s technical architectures and they need to be evolved to improve user experience, integration capabilities, cross-functional workflows, and upgrade cycle time. Jesal founded Aavenir in 2019 as a response to address many of these problems from dead-go. 

Jesal met Anand, our Artificial Intelligence lead, at a cafeteria in Ahmedabad and both decided to prototype an AI-enabled contract management solution that would eliminate manual processes by leveraging the latest AI and ML technologies. That’s when Aavenir’s first product Contractflow - an AI-enabled contract lifecycle management solution was born. And we haven’t stopped since. Today, Aavenir is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications that delivers the future of work for sourcing, contract management, vendor management, and accounts payable automation.

Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, Aavenir has opened doors for a distributed workforce to onboard best-of-best people that drive joy, innovation, and customer success. Headquartered in Texas, US, with customers across North America, Australia, and Asia-Pacific, and a workforce that is now mostly remote, we are close to where you do business.
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Many of the world’s largest and most recognized organizations, governments, and businesses across industry verticals use Aavenir to transform their Source-to-Pay processes.
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Core values fueling our business philosophy

Our core values shape our culture, guide us in who we are, what we do, and even who we hire. Together, we strive to deliver success to our customers and inspire the entire industry through our actions.
For us, innovation means a relentless commitment to continuous refinement of our solutions in a way that can make a difference to existing business processes. Our experts are always looking around the corner to leverage the latest technologies in the cloud platform, machine learning, and natural language processing to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our customers, year after year. At Aavenir, we create a positive, inclusive, and accepting environment by encouraging and supporting ideas at all levels of the organization.

Customer Success
When our customers succeed, we succeed naturally. It is a cohesive process, we are committed to accelerating, always. We earn the trust of our customers and extended family through transparency, security, compliance, privacy, and performance. Through our customer success programs, we ensure that our customers use Aavenir solutions to their fullest potential, learn from other success stories, and continuously improve their KPIs.
When we are happy from within, we are in a position to make others happy. At Aavenir, our focus is on enhancing joy by creating an amazing work culture for our employees, so that they can delight you, every single time. When we are happy from within, we are in a position to make others happy. At Aavenir, our focus is on enhancing joy by creating an amazing work culture for our employees, so that they can delight you, every single time. We're a one-of-a-kind family that feels joy in helping one another learn, grow, and succeed. 
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Proudly backed by 
world-class investors. 
- Accel Partners

We are building a hyper-growth SaaS start-up following the best Silicon Valley practices in India. And we are backed by VC investors who continuously guide and support us to accelerate our growth.

In the spring of 2020, we raised $2 million Series A seed funding from global venture capital firm Accel Partners. We are using this capital to hire top talent to build groundbreaking products, achieve the next research breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, and bring Aavenir to the world’s best companies. We keep our operating and customer acquisition costs as low as possible, so to keep our prices affordable and pass the savings onto our customers and employees.
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Jesal Mehta
Founder & CEO
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John Hrish
Vice President of Sales
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Gaurang Soni
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
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Megha Paradkar
Head of Professional Services & Client Engagement
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Head of Professional Services & Client Engagement
Sunil Masand
SVP, Product | HLS Startup & Transformation Advisor
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Aavenir Source-to-Pay Suite:
Dynamics in Action

Need Recognition
Self Service Purchase Requisition
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Onboarding
Supplier Portal
RFQ/RFI Issuance
Contact Lifecycle Management
Contact Creation
3rd Party Paper Contract
Contract Lifecycle
Bulk Contract Upload
e-Signature Integration
Purchase Order Management
Auto PO Creation
Assited PO Creation linked with RFQ/RFI
Accounts Payable Automation
Invoice Data Extraction
2-way or 3-way Match
ERP Integration
Spend Analytics
Spend Insights
Predictive Analytics for Cashflow Position
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