Streamline your sourcing processes and find quality suppliers 2X faster.

Source smarter and more strategically with a ServiceNow based solution. Collaborate seamlessly with automated workflows and milestones, and make data-driven decisions that impact your business.

This is what traditional RFP operations are really costing your business:

Strayed supplier relationships
Inability to make data-driven decisions
Higher costs for your business
Increased RFX turnaround times
Skipped RFX process
Low quality of supplier selection

Here's how RFPflow uses digital workflows to transform your sourcing processes.

Prepare the RFX
Create sourcing events, assign team, add milestones and publish RFXs using templates and a complete question library.
Publish to vendors
Send out your RFX to AI-recommended vendors from within the system, and let them respond via email.
Receive responses
Centralize RFP responses and extract answers to sections automatically. Collaborate with your team effortlessly.
Evaluate & award bid
Compare vendor responses side-by-side, calculate aggregate scores, and award bid to the best vendor.

Create and deploy RFPs 2x faster with a central repository of RFP templates and questionnaires.

Build a question library

Create a complete question library with comprehensive evaluation criteria for your various procurement categories.

Use templates and drag-and-drop questions

Leverage editable RFP/RFQ/RFI templates and standard question banks and prepare 50-70% of your RFPs without any manual work.

Full-text search through your archives

Get instant access to legacy RFPs and sectional supplier questions with our Google-like search functionality.

Assign weightage

Add weightage to different sections and ensure your final evaluation reflects your priorities.
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Meet every single deadline with milestone-based workflows and get all stakeholders on one page.

Add milestones

Create deadlines and procurement milestones for each RFP lifecycle stage and reduce the timeline for each RFX.

Define roles and tasks

Assign members to each stage and task, get timely notifications and identify bottlenecks in your process.

Establish digital workflows

Create step-by-step workflows, get approvals and signatures on time and never miss a single RFP deadline.
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Publish RFPs to recommended vendors & collaborate painlessly using MS Word or Excel Templates.

Let the AI recommend vendors
Take the guesswork out of your vendor selection process. Shortlist the best vendors to invite, using past performance and other rules.
Publish RFPs from within the system
Send individualized RFP to each vendor via email, without ever leaving the platform.
Get RFP responses in RFPflow
Let your suppliers work in MS Word and send responses via email. See the responses directly within RFPflow and don't hunt through inboxes to find them.
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Initiate the evaluation workflow automatically

Auto-notify all the evaluators to start evaluating the vendor response as soon as all RFP responses are received.

Compare responses from different vendors

Let the system deconstruct RFP responses and extract responses to different sections separately. See every supplier's response to a question side-by-side.

View aggregate vendor scores

Calculate the aggregate of all individual evaluator scores automatically based on the pre-set weightage, and choose the vendor that's right for you.

See social scores

See what people rate suppliers on review sites, right in RFPflow, and make informed decisons when selecting vendors.
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Evaluate and qualify new suppliers side-by-side and award bids to vendors that bring the most value.


Monitor the entire Sourcing lifecycle with one single visual dashboard.

Get higher visibility

Get greater insight into all essential RFP metrics such a time-to-award, vendor response rate etc. with a configurable dashboard.

Meet milestones

Track the vendor and selection process and see all the upcoming milestones in one single screen.

Enable audit trail

Maintain records of all activity and communication effortlessly.
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Automate your Sourcing process with RFPflow.

Say goodbye to expensive RFPs, long RFX cycles, and ineffective vendor response rates.


Increase in RFP compliance


Faster RFx-to-award supplier cycle time


Cost savings with a centralized sourcing approach
Why Aavenir

We've been in the Source-to-Pay industry for 25 years. We understand your problems, and we're here to solve them.

Built on ServiceNow
We know how complex adopting a new software across the organization is, that's why we've built Aavenir on the ServiceNow enterprise cloud platform.
Cutting-edge AI
Cutting-edge AI
Automation is the future—and we're the ones building it. Our best-in-class AI automates manual tasks for a fraction of the cost and in half the time.
Fully configurable
Fully configurable
We offer countless out-of-the-box configuration options that help you implement the solution to your specific business needs. We're rooting for your success and are always around to help!
Built on 25 years of experience
Built on 25 years of experience
We understand your problems because we’ve been there. We’ve built a solution that’s easy for your whole team to adopt and powerful enough to transform .

Frequently asked questions

How many RFPs can RFPFlow manage at a time?

There are no set limits to how many RFPs you can add to the platform—we've built RFPflow to accomodate as many as you need!

Can I import all my vendors from the ServiceNow module?

Yes, all your vendors from ServiceNow will be automatically added to RFPflow!

Where does my RFP data get stored?

Everything on RFPflow is stored on the ServiceNow instance—so your data is safe and secure.

Can I use Aavenir's apps on my phone?

While we have mobile-phone functionality, we believe RFPflow is best suited for a computer or laptop due to the critical and careful work that RFPs demand.

How long does it take to deploy RFPflow?

It depends on the size of your organization, vendor and RFP volume and other factors, but it usually takes our clients less than 2 weeks to fully onboard onto RFPflow!

Extend your ServiceNow platform capabilities to do more with certified apps.

Store all data on your secure Now platform®

Use the same single sign-on for Now Platform

Integrate with ServiceNow apps and existing systems

Install upgrades & manage compliances easily

Install from the ServiceNow Store

Connect all your ServiceNow apps & Enterprise systems effortlessly.

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Find out how we can make your sourcing strategic. See RFPflow in action.

Don't get bogged down with repetitive, mind-numbing tasks. Make your RFP process automated, and transform your procurement!

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