Breaking Barriers: Redefining the Role of AI Assistants in Contract Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is typically about creating, negotiating, signing, and storing contract documents. The exciting reality of generative AI is extending CLM solutions' capabilities beyond contract execution and organization into providing business intelligence and guidance across legal, procurement, IT, and sales operations.

With this evolution, it’s time for Contract Management AI assistants to grow from being contract authoring and execution assistants to assistants that can deliver game-changing business insights and answers to questions that can drive enterprise-wide compliance and help discover new and untapped opportunities for cost reduction, risk management, and revenue maximization.

When contracts are simply stored in a system of record rather than embedded in a system of intelligence, answering such questions, and delivering impactful insights become a mammoth task across departments.

In this groundbreaking webinar, Aavenir’s thought leaders and product experts will unveil new innovations in Generative AI for Contract Management and opportunities to redefine what AI assistants can deliver. The webinar will also include a live demonstration of AvyAI, Aavenir’s Generative AI assistant for Contract Management on ServiceNow.

Join our LinkedIn Live webinar, to explore the limitless possibilities that AI can bring to your business.

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Sunil Masand
SVP - Product, Aavenir
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Deepak Gupta
Senior Solution Consultant, Aavenir
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