4 Accounts Payable Metrics to Sharpen Your Invoice Processing

Vikram Chakrabarty
Global Pre-Sales, Aavenir

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    Demo | 4 Accounts Payable Metrics to Sharpen Your Invoice Processing

    Email, find, scan, submit… but then what? AP invoices get lost in transit as processing teams wonder: Who is it with? Who am I waiting on? How long until my vendor can expect payment? Have we hit any snags? To evaluate and improve your invoice process, you have to know where the bottlenecks occur or what is creating the delays.

    Learn how to support your CFOs, CPOs, CIOs, and CEOs with the right data with Aavenir Invoiceflow, which elevates your AP and invoice processing by implementing top 4 metrics like Cycle Time, On-time Payments, Recurring Payment Visibility, Invoice Exception Rate.

    Aavenir Invoiceflow empowers your team with 99.97% accurate data capture till the line-level item with AI, digital workflows to assign and manage workloads with integration flexibility across Oracle, SAP, and other business financial systems.

    If you’re eager to lift the veil of ambiguity surrounding your AP process and to make sure your vendors are paid on time, every time… this product demo is ready to provide some much-needed clarity.

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