Set Contract Review on Autopilot with AI-based Obligation Management [With Legal Operators]

Win back 60% of the legal time by automating with the #1-rated contracting obligation management platform for ease of use.


In partnership with Legal Operators 

Win back 60% of the legal time by automating with the #1-rated contracting obligation management platform for ease of use.

In every signed contract each contracting party is committed to the undertaking or performing obligations. 

However, identifying and managing hundreds and thousands of such obligations across numerous agreements can be painful and daunting. Obligations pertaining to contracts come in all shapes and sizes that span across various milestones with deliverables, quality, security, audit, and regulatory requirements.

Are you facing contract performance and compliance events like: 

  • How to manage contract disputes, audits, identify profitability drain?
  • How to manage obligatory regulations like GDPR that notify all affected departments within 72 hours of a data breach?
  • How to transition from products to services contracting
  • How to evaluate Corporate Risk Strategy

Join us for an engaging, practical session on how you can implement an effective AI-based obligation management solution to manage contract performance and drastically reduce non-compliance risk. 

This session is for Legal, Procurement, Sourcing, IT and Compliance Teams focused on:

  • Common business use cases to justify the need for obligation management
  • How to identify obligations, assign & manage compliance tasks, plus track obligation fulfillment
  • How to build vendor contracts with clear performance metrics
  • How to manage vendor relationships and performance compliance

To Explore how Aavenir can help achieve compliance and obligation management:

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