Reece Streamlined Contract Storage and Approvals with Aavenir

Australia’s largest plumbing and bathroom supplies engage with thousands of vendors for sourcing from over 600+ locations and distribute products to retail and B2B customers through 800 branches internationally. Find out how Reece accelerated 3rd party vendor contract lifecycle with centralized storage on ServiceNow and improved status visibility.

40 %

Faster Contract Approvals

90 %

Effective Contract Tracking

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A leading Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Automated IT Vendor Invoice Data Extraction and PO Matching on ServiceNow

A North America-based leading PBM is managing multiple IT vendors. With 100+ monthly invoices arriving by email or directly generated by vendor systems, gathering all invoices’ data and manually processing them was really slow and error-prone. Find out how PBM gained complete visibility into IT expenditure with AI-enabled automated invoice data extraction and invoice approvals on ServiceNow.


Automated Invoice Data On boarding with 70% Accuracy


Faster Invoice Approvals

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T. D. Williamson Gains Full Control into Invoice Process with Aavenir Invoiceflow

Much of TDW’s AP processes including invoices coding and processing were manual with 7 different email inboxes for each business units. Most of the activity was email-based and was resulting in lost, late, duplicate, or delayed invoices. Read how Aavenir helped TDW to automate invoice coding and reduce invoice processing time for ~50,000-60,000 invoices per year.


Automated Invoice Matching


Invoice Processing on ServiceNow

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Johns Hopkins University Unified Contract Management with Sourcing on ServiceNow

The JHU uses Procurement Service Portal built on ServiceNow; along with SAP for managing vendors and product catalogs from 6000+ vendors. JHU had no real-time visibility on the status of contracts. Read this case study to know how JHU achieved faster contract turnaround and better control over the procurement process.


Contracts Centralized


Faster Contract Turnaround

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It’s difficult to manage the process of contracts when it is a manual one and you have a huge variety of contracts, in a variety of different formats. Our contracts vary depending on the many different types of contracts (considering procurement or customer, product, business unit, and other factors), so we needed a solution that was flexible, efficient, and collaborative.

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Most of the AP automation software centers either around invoice data extraction or manage the invoice payment, but the end-to-end invoice processing workflow was not as robust. When we found that Aavenir Invoiceflow can do exactly what we wanted and that too on our IT vendor management platform ServiceNow, Aavenir was the obvious choice.

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Accounts Payable was a very time-consuming process for all the groups involved in the invoice process, not just the AP group. A lot of time is spent following up on payments or researching the coding and approval requirements and manually governing delegation of authority rules. A few of the features that drew our interest to Aavenir were their understanding of the procure-to-pay processes, the machine learning capabilities of the platform, and the ease of making adjustments to meet our needs. One of the best experiences we had with this process was working with the Aavenir implementation team. They have been a pleasure to work with and were very accommodating in our efforts.

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JHU needed an easy-to-use solution that can centralize contract management and integrates well with existing systems and procurement services portal on ServiceNow. Aavenir met all our requirements and AI capabilities were true blessings. Moreover, automated reminders and notifications during each stage greatly reduce the contract turnaround time.

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