COVID19 Reopening: Reassess and better manage your Contractual Risks and Obligations

Lauryn Haake
Founder and President, Qualitas Consulting Group
Edward Chick
CLM ServiceNow Practice Lead, Mainspring
Jesal Mehta
Founder & CEO, Aavenir

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    As the economy recovers, we are seeing a need for stronger approaches to manage business risks and improved best practices in Contract Lifecycle Management – especially on the ServiceNow platform.

    Risks can be hard to identify, harder to quantify, and hardest to eliminate. Companies need to audit all contractual risks and obligations (including milestone dates, delivery requirements, service levels, discounts, security needs, performance requirements, etc.) and start executing contracts with control and speed.

    This webinar covers simple, practical, and useful information about managing and assessing commercial contractual risk issues that you can use as you improve and re-engage your legal and business operations.

    This webinar features two industry thought leaders:

      • Lauryn Haake, Founder, and President of Qualitas Consulting Group
      • Edward Chick, CLM ServiceNow Practice Lead at Mainspring

    where they share practical examples of reassessment in a post-COVID time and methods to improve and strengthen Contract Management operations minimizing business risks.

    Jesal Mehta, Founder, and CEO of Aavenir, showcases a quick demo of how Aavenir Contractflow on ServiceNow provides a fast, scalable, and effective solution to manage business risks and contractual obligations across enterprise-wide contract portfolio.

    What is covered in this webinar?

      • How companies can review, assess, and act now on the contractual changes required for business continuity?
      • What are contract risks and how can you fully manage risks with smart internal collaboration and workflow processes
      • How are enterprises managing contract lifecycles on ServiceNow?
      • Contract Management best practices on ServiceNow suited for your business model
      • Live demo of Aavenir Contractflow, the first and only Contract Lifecycle Management solution available on ServiceNow Store