Make the transformation tostrategic, streamlinedsource-to-pay processes

Automate procurement with a source-to-pay solution built on ServiceNow. Save time, improve productivity and optimize your spending with Aavenir.
  • Aavenir RFPflow
    Sourcing Management
    RFX Creation 
    Sourcing Workflow
    Vendor Selection
    Sourcing Analytics
  • contractflow logo
    Contract Lifecycle Management
    Contract Authoring
    Contract Review
    Contract Analytics
    Contract Storage
  • invoiceflow logo
    Accounts Payable Automation
    Invoice Receiving
    Data Extraction
    2/3-Way Validation
    Spend Management
  • Onboardingflow - Vendor Onboarding & Supplier Information Management
    Vendor Management Portal
    Supplier Onboarding
    Vendor Collaboration
     Centralized Repository
    Dashboards &  Reports

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Aavenir Solutions on ServiceNow

Extend your ServiceNow platform capabilities to do more with certified apps.

Store all data on your secure Now platform®

Use the same single sign-on for Now Platform

Integrate with ServiceNow apps and existing systems

Install upgrades & manage compliances easily

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Take your source-to-pay processes back into your hands.

Make every dollar count.
Centralize data on unified platform
Get full visibility and easy access to your RFxs, contracts, invoices, vendor information, and more. Fill in the gaps and simplify your procurement processes with increased transparency.
Build the bridge to success with data.
Work smarter and faster using digital workflow
Rapidly unite people, functions, and systems across your organization to optimize productivity, cost, and resilience. 
Automate manual work.
Automate manual work with AI
Compress hours of work into a click of a button. Focus on work that matters the most, not data entry. Improve productivity across your entire organization in one go. 
Put your time to better use.
Optimize procurement with real-time insights.
Use dashboards to anticipate trends, prioritize resources, and drive excellence. Enforce procurement policies, monitor contractual compliance, and ensure on-time accurate payments.

BUILT FOR everyone in your organization

Make processes efficient for everyone in your organization.

Procurement Team
Procurement Team
Centralize procurement requisitions
Bring category expertise with collaboration 
Accelerate sourcing cycle by 3x
Monitor suppliers fulfil every obligation
Ensure contract for all ad-hoc purchase
Reduce spend up to 3.5% 
Legal Team
Legal Team
Get full visibility over all agreements
Enable self-service for routine contracts
Fast track contract review and negotiations
Ensure post-sign obligation compliance
Reduce legal risks such as lawsuits
Accelerate contract cycle by 60%
Accounts Team
Finance Team
Save time, cost, and process more invoices
Gain complete spend visibility
Make accurate and on-time payments
Eliminate duplicate or late payments
Manage vendor relationships
Automate 80% AP processes 
Sales Team
IT Team
Easily onboard employees
Centralize data on a unified platform
Quick install, configure, and upgrade
Ensure security and regulatory compliances
Low-code integrations with applications
Do more with Now platform
Why Aavenir

We've been in the Source-to-Pay industry for 25 years. We understand your problems, and we're here to solve them.

Built on ServiceNow
Built on ServiceNow
We know how complex adopting a new software across the organization is, that's why we've built Aavenir on the ServiceNow enterprise cloud platform.
Cutting-edge AI
Cutting-edge AI
Automation is the future—and we're the ones building it. Our best-in-class AI automates manual tasks for a fraction of the cost and in half the time.
Fully configurable
Fully configurable
We offer countless out-of-the-box configuration options that help you implement the solution to your specific business needs. We're rooting for your success and are always around to help!
Built on 25 years of experience
Built on 25 years of experience
We understand your problems because we’ve been there. We’ve built a solution that’s easy for your whole team to adopt and powerful enough to transform .
Deep Learning
To reliably identify hidden patterns in your business documents.
Natural Language Processing
To reliably identify information in contract and invoice documents.
Optical Character Recognition
To accurately scan and extract text from images and documents in any format.
Convolutional Neural Networks
To identify key parts of invoices just like humans do.
Cutting-edge ai

Stay one step ahead with an AI-powered solution.

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What our customers say.

  • “Aavenir Contractflow added verifiable value to our processes with a unified contract repository, automated notifications, and dedicated contract management dashboards to manage contracts for our International Headquarters and for 800+ franchise offices worldwide. Not to mention the flexibility for customizations, priority training, and support received by team Aavenir was phenomenal.”
    Jared Mashaney, Director of Contracts and Franchising
    Express Professionals
  • “SoU had a custom-built purchase application on ServiceNow, which runs to our expectations. However, we knew that building an AI-enabled invoice processing solution on ServiceNow and integrating it to our purchasing system was definitely going to be a time-consuming project, which would need skilled ServiceNow resources.”
    Tyrel King, Financial Manager II 
    The State-of-Utah
  • "A few of the features that drew our interest to Aavenir were their understanding of the procure-to-pay processes, the machine learning capabilities of the platform, and the ease of making adjustments to meet our needs. One of the best experiences we had with this process was working with the Aavenir implementation team. They have been a pleasure to work with and were very accommodating in our efforts.”
    Greg Rice, Director, Global Applications
    T. D. Williamson
  • "Our company recently implemented Aavenir’s Invoiceflow software built on the ServiceNow platform. Throughout the project, Aavenir professional services team gained our trust and respect with their deep business and technical expertise and delivered a highly functional solution involving multiple workflows and integration points with our ERP and other operational systems. But things didn’t stop there - the Aavenir team remained engaged and was super helpful after our “go-live” to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Invoiceflow has given us the robustness we sought for our Accounts Payable process while providing us with a flexible platform for future enhancements. It has been a pleasure to work with Megha and her skilled team – I highly recommend them.”
    Dar Khalighi, CIO
    American Seafoods Group

Stopgap systems are not going to help your business grow.

Siloed solutions that require constant manual intervention aren't the answer to your ineffective procurement.


Reduction of administrative costs due to improved contract management


Increase in RFP compliance


Cost savings with centralized obligations fulfillment


More touchless invoice processing

Let's put it in context. See how much Aavenir can impact your business in hard numbers.

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Committed to your Success

100% of our customers have used our solutions to their full potential and improved their processes.

We don't abandon you to your own means once you buy the product. Our dedicated customer success team guarantees results.
Personalized success roadmap
We’ll build a personalized customer success roadmap -based on your expectation, goals and schedule.
Action-items for success
We’ll set up processes to increase your usage, share feedback, and map and track key KPIs to ensure success.
Expert support and training
Our product experts host Q&A sessions regularly and personally train your team based on the business needs.
Educational resources
Get access to videos, blogs, webinars, e-books, product sheets, and checklists to help you adopt best practices!

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