Our AI-driven Source-to-Pay Solution

Aavenir’s smart Source-to-Pay solution, powered by advanced ServiceNow infrastructure is designed to solve critical Source-to-Contract and Procure-to-Pay issues with the help of disruptive technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Natural Language Processing (NLP). With a focus to bring the advantages of these technologies to S2P ecosystem.


Request for Proposal Management

Aavenir RFPFlow accelerates sourcing time using milestone-based RFP-to-Award workflow and suggests the most qualified supplier.

How it Works

Contract Lifecycle Management

For the first time in history, Aavenir CLM makes commercial contracts interactive, giving you the power to deal with challenges due to static contracts.

How it Works

Accounts Payable Automation

With Aavenir’s smart AP automation solution, automate manual tasks, minimize paperwork, eliminate errors and be more productive.

How it Works

Optimizing Enterprise Procurement through Technology

With Aavenir’s smart application suite, organizations can reduce buying cycles, cut down supply costs and reduce processing costs, phenomenally. Harnessing the potential of AI, Aavenir helps transform manual Source-to-Pay processes with automation.

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Aavenir offers smart solutions such as Accounts Payable Automation & Contract Lifecycle Management to optimize internal business processes.

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Connect with our diligent team to find out how we can infuse the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing in your existing business processes.

Start Saving

With Aavenir AP Automation Solution, enjoy up to 80% savings in processing costs and utilize the savings for business growth, elsewhere!

About Aavenir

For years, the team behind Aavenir is committed to creating business solutions for the future. Understanding the growing need for investment in AI & ML with respect to internal business processes like Source-to-Pay, Aavenir began as a technology startup focused on delivering innovative SaaS-based products to augment the enterprise digital transformation process.

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Customer Success



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