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Modernize procurement operations using AI-enabled Digital Workflow
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Intelligent Source-to-Pay Applications for ServiceNow Customers

Digitize sourcing, contracting, procurement, and accounts payable processes on the ServiceNow for greater compliance and control over costs.



Accelerate the vendor qualification process using milestone-based RFX-to-Award workflow and collaborative vendor scoring.

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Contractflow - Contract Lifecycle Management


Transform the contract process for faster time-to-signature, greater obligations compliance, and reduced business risks.

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Invoiceflow - Account Payable Automation


Modernize invoice approval workflow with AI-enabled automated invoice data capture and 3-way match to improve efficiency and accuracy.

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Reimagine Source-to-Pay for Your Organization

Experience how Aavenir provides the speed, resilience, and agility you need to compete today and tomorrow.

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Reece achieves 40% faster contract turnaround time.

"By implementing Aavenir, Reece was able to standardize contract workflow that was formal and robust, but still flexible and user-friendly. We wanted a faster contract turnaround time, and Aavenir didn’t disappoint. I would absolutely recommend Aavenir for all ServiceNow Customers."

Alison Prior
Procurement Contract Manager, Reece

A Large Private Equity Services Company

A single source of truth for contracts saved up to 30% of the time

"Our organization was riddled with the challenges of retrieving contracts and the key terms associated with them. With Aavenir, we were able to consolidate all contracts in a centralized repository, view reports, and build dashboards; thus bringing immense visibility into contracts.”

Director of Technology Business Management

One of the America's Top 5 Private Research University

Maintains continuity to existing ServiceNow infrastructure

"Aavenir is the sole CLM solution that supports next-generation AI & ML and built native to our core technology platform - ServiceNow. The installation of the Aavenir provides immediate and native access to and between our solutions within the ServiceNow environment, for which configuration is familiar to our ServiceNow administrators.”

Director of Procurement Operations

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More reasons companies around the world prefer Aavenir

Built on ServiceNow
Enterprise Cloud Platform

Creates a single source of truth by bringing Source-to-pay apps & data on a unified cloud platform; also makes it easier to manage most of the IT chaos with regard to system administration, upgrades, & compliances.

Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

Leverages latest AI-capabilities to automate vendor, contract, or invoice data extraction, eliminate manual work processes, and reduce dependencies using smart suggestions and predictive intelligence.


Shrinks the time and costs required to deploy and configure source-to-pay solutions on ServiceNow; a single-click installation from ServiceNow app store gives you the fastest window to start realizing business value.

Flexibility, Scalability
and Integrations

Aavenir solutions offer countless out-of-box configuration options to adapt to the most specific business needs and also supports integration with ERP, SRM, CRM, or ServiceNow Apps.

Ease of Adoption with
Intuitive User Interface

Simple and the most engaging user experience designed based on years of experience increases user adoption for different functions and industry verticals across the globe.

Powerful Customer
Success Program

We understand customer personas and use cases to craft personalized acquisition, onboarding, adoption, and support plans to help them succeed in their most important goals faster.

Explore Aavenir Solutions for Your Role
Leverage the digital transformation to untangle procurement complexity. Aavenir offers flexible and intuitive workflow solutions that simplify sourcing and procurement operations and provide complete visibility and control over price, vendor performance, and risk.

  • Accelerate the RFP-to-Award cycle using Aavenir RFPflow 
  • Streamline source-to-contract workflow using Aavenir RFPflow and Contractflow
  • Manage on-time and accurate  vendor payments using Aavenir Invoiceflow
Efficiently create and manage enterprise-wide contracts including procurement and sales contracts. Aavenir’s powerful, configurable solutions give the ability to work smarter and simpler with complete visibility and insight into contracts for faster time-to-signature and better control over performance and risk.

  • Align vendor performance using buy-side contracts on Aavenir Contractflow
  • Close sales deals faster than ever before using sell-side contracts on Aavenir Contractflow
  • Comply with vendor or customer obligations using Aavenir Obligationflow
  • Streamline the source-to-contract process using Aavenir RFPflow and Contractflow
Aavenir’s unique AI technology transforms the end-to-end invoice processing workflow by automating invoice data entry, invoice data matching with PO & contract data, and accounts payable workflow for on time accurate payments.

  • Reduce time and costs of multiple vendor invoice processing
  • Manage working capital with on-time payments using Aavenir Invoiceflow
  • Automatically Match invoice information with contractual agreements using Aavenir Invoiceflow and Contractflow
  • Automatically Match invoice information with contractual agreements using Aavenir Invoiceflow and Contractflow
Easily deploy any Aavenir source-to-pay application for manage IT vendor RFPs, contracts, and payments and connect with other ServiceNow applications using REST APIs.

  • Manage IT Vendor RFP-to-Award process on Aavenir RFPflow
  • Manage IT contracts lifecycle on ServiceNow using Aavenir Contractflow
  • Centralize Invoice processing for all IT Vendor using Aavenir Invoiceflow
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