Aavenir Contractflow and ServiceNow CLM

Organizations seeking a comprehensive and intelligent contract management solution beyond the basic capabilities of a CLM solution should strongly consider Aavenir Contractflow.

While ServiceNow CLM provides a secure repository and workflow engine, Aavenir Contractflow leverages these strengths and adds a layer of advanced features, including an intuitive user experience and AI-based extraction, deviation detection, contract simplification, risk mitigation, and more, powered by Avy AI – Aavenir’s Generative AI Assistant for end-to-end contract lifecycle management.

Aavenir Contractflow further extends its value proposition by seamlessly integrating with the ServiceNow platform to provide a powerful and intelligent contract management solution.

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  • How Aavenir Contractflow (CLM software) can streamline and enhance your contract management workflow
  • Key features of Aavenir Contractflow and ServiceNow CLM Pro
  • What enterprises gain after implementing Aavenir Contractflow on ServiceNow?

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    Generative AI-Powered Contract Lifecycle Management 

    Aavenir’s AI-driven Contractflow solution enables enterprises to standardize and automate contract creation and the end-to-end contract lifecycle. Built natively on ServiceNow, Aavenir Contractflow empowers requestors, contract managers, administrators, and reviewers with an intuitive, easy-to-use contract authoring and management solution.

    Aavenir Contractflow empowers real-time collaboration through MS Office 365 integration, efficient handling of mass contracts, and streamlined termination lifecycles.

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