Aavenir CLM and ServiceNow CLM Services Product

Aavenir Contractflow uses strong features of the Now Platform such as a secure repository, workflow engine and adds advanced end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management features, which make it a unique offering when compared to ServiceNow CLM.

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    Aavenir CLM and ServiceNow CLM

    AI-powered Aavenir Contractflow (CLM) built on ServiceNow's NOW Platform

    Aavenir Contractflow is not only built on ServiceNow, but it also uses strong features of Now Platform such as secure repository, workflow engine, and adds advanced Contract Management features like contract authoring, AI-powered contract data extraction, internal & external approval workflow, integration with Microsoft Office, pre-built clause & template library, etc. These advanced features make Aavenir Contractflow a unique offering when compared to ServiceNow’s CLM product. Aavenir Contractflow is a certified ServiceNow app and uses ServiceNow objects like a contract, vendor, user to comply with the enterprise-wide single data platform.

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