Know Your Obligations (KYO) - Key Contractual Commitments [WorldCC]

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Know Your Obligations (KYO) - Don't forget that mission-critical commitment in your complex agreements

Managing obligations across complex contracts can be tricky with a large number of inter-dependent obligations across multiple vendors, customers, and service providers.  

Contract performance, governance, compliance, and business risks are being scrutinized at extreme levels, making obligation management daunting for legal, procurement/sourcing professionals, and operational staff, particularly post-award. 

Learn how you can build and implement a comprehensive process to manage contractual obligations across all your agreements, and move towards building a mature, scalable obligation management solution. 

This webinar is for Legal, Procurement, Sourcing, IT and Compliance Teams focused on:

Know Your Obligations (KYO) – Tracking Contractual Obligations for SaaS Contracts [Legal Operators]

In partnership with Legal Operators

Tracking contractual obligations for SaaS (Software as a Service) Contracts can be tricky as multiple service providers are involved for different types of services. With the current economic scenario, contract performance, compliance, and business risks are being scrutinized at extreme levels, making it daunting for legal, procurement, and sourcing professionals.

Learn how you can build and implement a comprehensive process mechanism to manage all contractual obligations for SaaS contracts, and move towards the maturity of building your own KYO – Know Your Obligations system with Legal Operators.

This webinar is for Legal, Procurement, Sourcing & IT Teams focusing on:

AI-enabled IT Vendor Invoice Processing Workflow on ServiceNow

Why should you attend this webinar? 

With disparate IT systems in place, it becomes difficult to manage thousands of invoices received from IT vendors - all having different formats, varied payment terms, different invoice approval workflow for each IT procurement category. IT teams often blame a complex series of slow and error-prone invoice data entry, PO validation, and approval processes for delayed, missed, or unintended payments.

As a ServiceNow user, learn how you can streamline IT invoice processing with Aavenir Invoiceflow on your own ServiceNow instance. The webinar will cover the following topics:

Projected vs. Actual Spend Visibility with ServiceNow PPM + Aavenir Invoiceflow

Identifying planned v/s actual costs is the most critical factor to drive project portfolio decisions in an optimal manner. Join us to learn how you can gain real-time visibility into project spend with ServiceNow PPM and Aavenir Invoiceflow.

With the rise of a distributed workforce, project management teams face challenges to track budgeted vs. actual project costs - fixed, recurring, or labor. 

As per industry benchmarks, 70% of global enterprises have suffered at least one project failure in the prior 12 months, i.e. for every $1B invested, $122M was lost in wasted resources, time, and efforts hampering project performance.

Being a ServiceNow user, you can achieve real-time expense visibility as per project KPIs using ServiceNow PPM and Aavenir Invoiceflow. 

In this webinar, you'll learn how project management and the finance team can

AI-enabled Accounts Payable Automation on ServiceNow

Automation in invoice processing is maturing fast and represents a major source of future value, offering a return on investment that far outweighs its cost. Accounts payable team who work with invoices know the pain points of the manual data entry, managing complex invoice data exceptions, time lost in searching for lost or missing invoices, missing out on payment terms and opportunities, all of which can directly impact bottom-line gains of any organization.

Attend this session to know how T. D. Williamson, the most trusted manufacturing and services organization serving the pipeline industry worldwide for over 100 years, automated its invoice processing using ServiceNow as a key enabler. TDW installed Aavenir Invoiceflow on their existing ServiceNow Platform to automate the processing of 70,000+ invoices per year from 5000+ different vendors.

Join us for this webinar to learn

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Automate Sourcing Using RFx on ServiceNow

The challenge for CPOs, Sourcing and Procurement Leaders is to fund digitalization while maintaining control over their organization’s procurement costs — even when operating conditions remain highly volatile.

Managing RFPs is the first step to achieve procurement excellence, and it is often manual (read Excel, Word and Outlook-driven) and time-consuming. Sourcing professionals need a smarter way to RFP creation, publishing, and evaluation along with the real-time RFP status analytics to match the increased pace of operations.

In this webinar, we will showcase how sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders can rapidly and effectively collect vendor responses using RFPflow – a native app built for ServiceNow.

What is covered in this webinar?

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Future of Procurement – Aligning with Enterprise IT Strategy

What is the future of procurement? The task of running a high-performing procurement organization is only getting harder. Both unexpected external challenges and rising internal expectations are setting new and higher targets for procurement to meet. So, what can organizations do to keep up, and what metrics can they look at to give them a “path” to continuous improvement? On the other hand, IT Leaders are trying to find a sweet spot where they can leverage their existing investments to an enterprise cloud platform for digitizing all the business processes. Aligning to enterprise IT strategy with business functions’ requirements is a key part that takes considerable resources, time, and money. Join us for this webinar to hear from Nick Heinzmann, Research Analyst at Spend Matters, who will talk about key factors that organizations should consider while selecting their next procurement technology solution for greater alignment with enterprise-wide IT strategies. Vikram Chakrabarty, Product Expert at Aavenir will explain how Aavenir source-to-pay solutions, built natively on ServiceNow, supports unified platform strategy for enterprise IT teams using ServiceNow as an enterprise cloud platform.

What is covered in this webinar?

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4 Steps to Transform Accounts Payable

Remote and distributed personnel is new normal for Accounts Payable (AP) teams. Learn how to combine technology, business processes, digital workflows and analytics to elevate AP with Aavenir. In this product demo session, we will be covering the four steps to transform your AP operations backed up with live AP use cases.

Demo Structure

To Explore how Aavenir can help achieve AP process automation:

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Managing end-to-end Contract Lifecycle on ServiceNow, using AI and Digital Workflow

Poor Contract Management Costs Companies 9% – Bottom Line *1

2021 is the year of change, especially in contract management with rapid shifts to the business landscape and marketplace. You would expect intense scrutiny of existing contractual obligations, and the need to coordinate complex contract review and negotiation across teams working remotely.

As a ServiceNow customer, you can quickly start managing the end-to-end contract lifecycle on your existing ServiceNow subscription using Aavenir Contractflow, a Now Platform certified CLM app available on ServiceNow Store. Aavenir Contract Lifecycle Management Software makes commercial contracts interactive on ServiceNow, giving you the power to deal with the challenges faced because of the static contracts.

Hear from Vikram Chakrabarty, Product Expert, and Russell Seifert, Account Executive at Aavenir talking about why ServiceNow customers should bring CLM on ServiceNow. The session will also cover the LIVE CLM solution demo showcasing Aavenir Contractflow and Aavenir Obligationflow on ServiceNow.

What is covered in this webinar?

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Data References:

*1 – Poor Contract Management  by World Commerce & Contracting

Achieve Holistic Vendor Risk Management with ServiceNow and Aavenir

  • Are you facing difficulty to manage vendor risks?
  • Do you want to know how to manage it using your existing ServiceNow installation?

Strategic vendor partnerships help organizations achieve their business objectives cost-efficiently. However, with increasingly complex vendor networks, rising customer demands, and a rapidly changing regulatory environment, there is tremendous pressure on companies to ensure that their vendors maintain consistent compliance with internal policies and various evolving regulations.

Join us for a webinar on how to achieve holistic vendor risk management and evaluate vendor performance on ServiceNow. This is a joint webinar with Aavenir – ServiceNow Elite partner delivering AI-based Contract and Obligation management solutions on the ServiceNow platform.

What will be covered in this webinar?

  • How to leverage Artificial Intelligence in ServiceNow for identifying and managing vendor risks.
  • How digital workflow provides real-time visibility of enterprise-wide vendor performance?
  • Live demo of Aavenir ServiceNow Apps to achieve holistic vendor risk management

Webinar delivered on:

  • Thursday, December 17, 2020
  • 9:00am - 9:30am PT | 12:00pm - 12:30pm ET