Contract authoring

Build complicated contracts in minutes with pre-built templates and automated authoring.

Centralize contract requests, make it easy for anyone to submit and approve requests and speed up your contract cycles.

Reduce the time to draft contracts by using pre-approved templates, clauses, and legal playbooks.

Don't start from scratch every time you need to create contracts. Build contract templates, simply fill in the necessary fields and send them out within minutes.
Standardize your contract language and review and revise your templates regularly to stay updated.
Auto-draft simple contracts and improve contract authoring accuracy by up to 60%.

Stop relying on the legal team for routine agreements. Self-service contracts using our clause library.

Minimize your legal vulnerabilities without adding to admin overhead. Let your employees create contracts without needing legal support.
Build a comprehensive library of primary, alternate, and fallback clauses and drag-and-drop them when drafting contracts.
Use custom auto-fill fields and stop wasting time manually entering details such as dates and names.

Use AI and build contracts that get you the maximum benefits with smart suggestions.

Take the guesswork out of authoring and eliminate bottlenecks in the process.
Let our AI engine analyze your past contracts and suggest the best terms and clauses based on geography, type of vendor and value of the contract.
Get a live view of your final contract as your draft it, side-by-side.

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