Contractual Compliance Management Software Built on ServiceNow

AI-enabled contractual obligation compliance management system delivering 3600 visibility into the state of compliance of all your contractual obligations across your organization.

17 Dec 2020 9 am PT | Achieve Holistic Vendor Risk Management with ServiceNow and Aavenir

Modernize the Organization's Approach to Obligations Management

for vendors, customers, employees, and all enterprise departments

After an arduous process to draft and execute the contract, companies often fail to review and enforce terms on a regular basis. Aavenir Obligationflow software can help achieve value beyond the contract’s original scope by clearly defining deliverables / KPIs, specifying responsibilities for each stakeholder, and establish a clear governance structure for reporting and performance monitoring. 


Improve Relationships

Define actions to manage delivery milestones and compliance requirements for customers. Ensure that the vendor is following all SLAs / KPIs that are mentioned in the contract. 

Lower Supply Cost

Reduce Revenue Leakage

Reduce chances of overpayments, overpricing, and significant financial losses that occur due to disputes or non-compliance to regulatory and general obligations.

Increase Contract Value

Identify repetitive business opportunities while fulfilling obligations and re-evaluate the non-performing terms and rates to enhance contract language to be more beneficial.

How Aavenir Obligationflow can Improve Compliance to Contracts?

Aavenir Obligationflow can auto-discover key contractual obligations using AI-enabled full-text search capabilities, foster collaboration with the relevant stakeholder via digital workflow, and provide complete visibility obligation compliances via a dashboard on ServiceNow.


Easily imports enterprise-wide contracts for Legal, Sales, Procurement, HR, IT, and Finance, etc. from Aavenir Contractflow, Now Platform® Products (GRC, Legal Services, Vendor Management, etc.), CRM, ERP, or Risk Management System through integration hub


Auto-extract contract attributes, terms & clauses, SLAs, payment milestones, delivery timeline, operational or general compliances, and risk attributes based on location, spend, sales volume, etc. Validate the auto-discovered obligations and make the required changes.


Create and assign obligation fulfillment actions for relevant stakeholders using a workflow engine. Automate email notifications and reminders for stakeholders and counterparties on non-performance/ performance delays of obligations fulfillment.

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Aavenir Obligactionflow extends the capabilities of Aavenir Contractflow on Now Platform®, the world’s most innovative digital workflow platform

Built on the Now platform®, Aavenir Obligationflow extends the capabilities of Aavenir Contractflow and offers an easy way to track contractual obligations to ensure the organization's compliance with all contractual relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, and partners.

Leverage the Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies and the World's Most Admired Digital Workflow Platform - ServiceNow

Aavenir Obligationflow can extract the contract obligations and streamline the end-to-end obligation fulfillment workflow process for vendor or customer contracts on Now Platform®.

  • ML and NLP-enabled smart engine extracts terms, clauses, risks, and obligations from any contractual document in a single click
  • Self-learning engine to extract the commonly used terms, clauses and obligations
  • Define clear ownership of obligations using workflow leading to higher compliance
  • Automate reminders for the obligation fulfillment through a workflow engine instead of traditional email/excel based approach
  • Leverage insights gained for better outcomes in future contract negotiations and renewals

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