Contract analytics

Get actionable insights with Contractflow's advanced analytics.

Make your contracting process more efficient with detailed insight into your process. Know exactly what problems you need to solve and where your spending is going with Contractflow.

Monitor the number of contracts based on type and lifecycle stage.

See all the contracts being drafted, in negotiation, awaiting approval, or awaiting signatures and optimize performance at every stage. Know the number of POs, NDAs, leases, purchase agreements, etc. that are active at any point in time.

Get an accurate picture of your active contract volume and top vendors.

Keep an eye on the health of your company and the total value of the business you're doing. Know the total number of active contracts you have, and which vendors you spend the most on.

See all your expiring contracts and prevent revenue leakage due to auto-renewals.

View all your contracts expiring in the next 30, 60, and 90 days and never miss a renewal. Track the percentage of contracts that are renewed and maximize your repetitive business opportunities.

Gain real-time insights into your turnaround time and identify the problem areas.

Track your cycle times, see all missed milestones and take corrective actions to recognize revenue faster. View the time-to-signature for different types of contracts and set up benchmarks for acceptable time-frames.

See all your pending approvals in one place and never miss an approval request again.

Don't let your approval requests get lost in your inbox. Get a personalized contract dashboard and see all the contracts waiting on your approval in one place.

Track contracts based on contract value and prioritize high-risk, high-value contracts.

Evaluate contracts based on the dollar value of the deal, recurring revenue, contract term length, vendor risk etc. and let legal focus on the high-value contracts. Let employees self-service routine contracts.

Get visibility into your contract processing costs and reduce your cost per contract.

Calculate all the internal costs, technology costs, administrative costs, the full work time of each legal team member, and more, and find where you can cut costs with automation. Reduce the man-hours spent and allocate budgets accordingly.

Create custom dashboards to measure the KPIs that bring your business value.

Build custom contract management dashboards that provide an elevated overview of data that is relevant to your business and can be used to track key trends and metrics.

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