Aavenir for legal

Speed up legal processes, reduce risks and gain visibility across a variety of contracts.

Leverage AI, digital workflows, and centralize legal operations to eliminate cross-functional dependency and unlock the true value of contract data. Use Aavenir to manage pre-signature and post-signature contract lifecycle with suppliers, customers, partners, and employees.

Legal Contract Management
Aavenir Use Cases for Legal

Make legal processes efficient for everyone in your organization.

Legal for Procurement
Enable the procurement team to build excellent vendor relationships with simple and quick vendor agreement processes. Track contract obligations to maximize the operational and financial performance of vendors.
Master Service Agreements (MSA)
Fixed price contract
Cash reimbursable contract
Time and materials contract
Letter subcontract
Indefinite delivery contract
Legal for Sales
Enable sales to close deals faster by creating and agreeing to customer contracts, anytime from anywhere. Add intelligence and personalization to every contract and automatically embed contracts into CRM.

Bill of sale
Sales contract
Service contract
Licensing agreement
Confidentiality agreement
Legal for Human Resource
Let HR focus on hiring and put contracts on autopilot.  Spend 75% less time on repetitive contracts and get them e-signed – from anywhere, anytime. Integrate with HR systems so you can get contracts drafted and tracked in a few clicks. 
Employment contract
Contractor agreement
Nondisclosure agreements
Severance agreement
Employment  benefits agreements
Legal for Operations
Don't waste time searching for contracts across multiple tools. Manage a variety of legal documents in a unified contract management solution built on ServiceNow. Gain better visibility into contractual obligations, issues, renewals, and opportunities. 
Lease agreements
Outsourcing agreements
Insurance agreements
Financial agreements
and more...
Aavenir capabilities

Streamline the complete contract lifecycle to maximize the value of every contract. 

From contract drafting, review and negotiation to e-signature and post-signature obligation management, Aavenir offers complete legal processes management workflows to address the most complex requirements of legal professionals.
Contract Intake
Centralize contract requests, make it easy for anyone to submit and approve requests, and speed up your contract cycles.
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Contract Authoring
Empower everyone to create contracts with minimal or zero legal dependency,  using a library of pre-approved terms, clauses, and  templates.
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Approval Workflow
Streamline contract internal review workflows, especially when multiple business teams need  to work on complex legal contracts.
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Contract Negotiation
Quickly negotiate settlement terms in individuals of interest with third-parties. Redline, amend, and approve with auto emails & document versioning.
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Contract Repository
Get a single source of truth for all your contracts with a central cloud-based secure repository.
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Contract Analytics
Get actionable contract intelligence with advanced dashboards. Monitor contracts by type, lifecycle stages, and other customizable filters.
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Obligation Management
Use AI to auto-discover key contract obligations and fulfill them on time using a digital workflow
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Lack of contract process standardization across teams and geographies

SOLUTION: Aavenir Contractflow
Create and import contract templates, clauses, and legal playbooks to standardize contract language.
Improve contract accuracy using AI-powered auto-suggestions
Empower business teams to self-service routine contracts.
Implement consistent contract review workflows across teams

Inability to find critical contract information; Lack of visibility into obligations.

SOLUTION:  Aavenir Contractflow + Obligationflow
Store all contracts in a  centralized cloud-based secure repository.
Easily search contacts by terms, clauses, and metadata.
Filter contacts by status, vendors, customers, start or end dates, contract value, business functions, and more. 
Stop wasting time manually identifying obligations from long, complex contracts. Let AI extract obligations automatically.
Convert obligations into actions, assign workflow-based tasks to team members, ensure accountability, and monitor status.

It takes too long to create, approve, and sign contracts. 

SOLUTION:  Aavenir Contractflow
Create your own contract approval matrix and reduce your internal review cycle to half.
Redline and negotiate contracts easily within the system or use Microsoft-word plugins to get rid of long, complex email chains.
Get contract signatures faster with e-signature tools like DocuSign.
Identify and resolve bottlenecks in your contract lifecycle stages and improve turnarod time.

Contract management is disconnected from other critical business processes

SOLUTION:  Aavenir Contractflow + Obligationflow
Seamless integration with critical vendor, customer, employee, and partner applications
Monitor enterprise-wide contracts on a single dashboard. 
Renew contracts before you hit the deadline. 
Ensure contract obligations are fulfilled on time to protect your reputation and reduce legal risks to the organization.
Few Other Common Legal Challenges

Identify opportunities to gain efficiencies legal processes

Poor contract compliance
Aavenir Solution:
Centralization and enterprise-grade controls
Role-based access and permissions
Track changes on third party paper
Version control and audit trail
Unable to monitor Legal productivity
Aavenir Solution:
Dashboard with standard reports and charts
Configurable Legal KPI tracking
Alerts and email notifications
Predictive contract intelligence
Poor adoption of legal software
Aavenir Solution:
Easy and familiar user interface.
Integration with Sales, Procurement, and HR systems
Check-in, check out, versioning, redlining, comparison, and advanced reconciliation from Microsoft Word
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Customer Success Stories

Listen to what customers and thought leaders speak about Aavenir

“Reece achieves 40% faster contract turnaround time”

Case Study
“By implementing Aavenir, Reece was able to standardize contract workflow that was formal and robust, but still flexible and user-friendly. We wanted a faster contract turnaround time, and Aavenir didn’t disappoint. I would absolutely recommend Aavenir for all ServiceNow Customers.

Alison Prior
Procurement & Contract Manager at Reece


“Johns Hopkins University unified contract management with sourcing on ServiceNow”

Case Study
"With 5000-6000+ active contracts, it was easy to lose track of contract status. Aavenir centralized  contract management on ServiceNow and integrates well with our existing systems and procurement services portal on ServiceNow."

Matthew Persic
Director of Procurement Operations at Johns Hopkins University


“Express Professionals achieves contract visibility for variety of vendor Services Agreement”

Case Study
"Not all contracts are the same, and automating the contracting process with AI-based workflows helped us streamline the review process for all categories of contracts. Aavenir Contractflow added verifiable value to our contracting processes for our International Headquarters and 800+ franchise offices worldwide. Not to mention the flexibility for customizations, priority training, and support received by team Aavenir was phenomenal.”

Jared Mashaney
Sr. Counsel | Director of Contracts and Franchising, Express Employment Professionals.

Leading investor services provider manages SLAs with secure and centralized contracts

Case Study
“Our organization was riddled with the challenges of manually compiling all related documents, SLAs or the key terms associated with contract documents, and defining financial action plans. Aavenir provided a solution that helps us reconcile all documents and monitor SLAs per customer on ServiceNow. Aavenir was super easy to use, quick to implement, and addressed our complex security concerns with contract storage.”

Director of technology business management, operations & financial manager 
at the world’s leading finance group


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