Reporting and Dashboards

Gain complete visibility into your spends and track the right Accounts Payable KPIs with Invoiceflow

Get insights into your total invoice volume and prioritize critical invoices.

Know how many invoices pass through your system every quarter and get a picture of your overall business health.

Prioritize invoices based on payment terms, early discount periods, and geography—get notified when approval is due.

Measure your AP team efficiency by analyzing the invoices processed by each employee per day.

Track how many invoices each AP employee processes and see who is overworked and who needs help.

Monitor overdue invoices, duplicate invoices, and invoices paid on time and make your accounts payable more efficient.

Track your invoices by lifecycle stage and identify the bottlenecks in your approval process.

See all your pending, approved, and paid invoices and identify bottlenecks in invoice processing

Track your average processing time per invoice and improve AP team productivity.

Calculate your processing cost per invoice and invoice exception rates.

Get data on your departmental expenses, complete with labor and infrastructure costs, and see where you can cut expenses.

Know the percent of invoices that end up as exceptions and address the common reasons for discrepancies.

Build custom dashboards and monitor any metric that your business needs.

Get user-based dashboards and restrict access as you see fit. Let employees get an overview of the invoices that they're responsible for.

Create reports and track KPIs unique to your business requirements with Invoiceflow.

Have an accurate picture of your spend with detailed reports.

Get a snapshot of your spend based on business unit and top invoices by value.

Know your top vendors, ensure your money is bringing you the returns you expect, and negotiate better contracts.

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Stop letting poor AP processes cost your business time and money. See how Invoiceflow works for your invoices today.

Break free from manual work, inefficiencies, and the high cost of manual processing. Learn how Invoiceflow can help your business save more.