Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Aavenir Contract Lifecycle Management Software makes commercial contracts interactive on ServiceNow, giving you the power to deal with challenges due to static contracts.

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Digitize & Transform Your Commercial

Contract Management Process

Contract Lifecycle Management is a crucial part of any business activity. With Aavenir automate your Contract Lifecycle and make every action more valuable for the entire organization. An automated Contract Lifecycle Management solution can help you in:



Automated CLM solutions help in faster contract creation by eliminating the need for paper-based contracts.


Enhancing Regulatory Compliances

Leverage the power of Machine Learning to scrutinize contracts and ensure every contract is as per the compliance norms.


Business Risks

Reduce errors due to manual processes and execute contracts with a secure e-signature integration.

Modern Enterprises Experience
9.2% Dip in Business Revenues Due to Poor Contract Management

With the help of Aavenir Contractflow solution, you can increase revenues by streamlining Contract Lifecycle Management. Our solution helps you in:


Standardizing contract language and CLM process


Cost savings owing to structured negotiations


Speed up business operations due to swift lifecycle management


Aavenir Contract Management can be accessed within ‘ServiceNow’, the World’s Most Innovative Cloud Digital Workflow Platform

More than 5500+ Enterprises uses SerivceNow. Start leveraging the full-potential of Aavenir contract management software within ServiceNow. Aavenir CLM is now available via ServiceNow APP STORE, meaning; ServiceNow customers  can be up and running and using it’s rich functionalities while inheriting ServiceNow capabilities including native mobile experiences,  integration hub,  workflow designer, AI-powered virtual agents, and performance analytics.

Make Your CLM Process Smarter with NLP & ML-powered
ServiceNow Contract Lifecycle Management Software by Aavenir

Our ServiceNow based Contract Lifecycle Management Software is capable of revolutionizing your entire contract management cycle. Powered by ServiceNOW platform, the solution can transform paper contract into digital and interactive business assets.

  • Large template library with multi-language support
  • Valuable clause library with primary, alternate and call-back clauses
  • ML & NLP powered risk assessment and clause recommendation engine
  • Conditional assembly for contract document generation
  • E-signature integration with DocuSign and EchoSign for Faster and Secure contract execution
  • ML & NLP-based smart system for extracting terms, clauses, risks and obligations from third-party contracts

Transform your Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management with Aavenir

See Aavenir’s enterprise application suite in action and make an informed decision, today.

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