Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire for ESG Due Diligence

From supplier onboarding to the entire contract lifecycle, maintaining a focus on ESG due diligence is crucial. Organizations should establish clear ESG goals and criteria to evaluate vendors on their ESG performance. Ideally, these criteria should be company-wide, enabling organizations to customize elements influenced by their supply chain and construct a comprehensive due diligence questionnaire. While developing an ESG due diligence questionnaire may seem daunting, resources are available to assist you. The Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire for ESG due diligence is your key to achieving and maintaining Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards at the vendor level.

Download this to learn:

  • Integrating more elements into RFPs, covering environmental and social aspects of ESG
  • Ensuring vendors meet your ESG criteria to prevent any negative impact on your reputation or legal consequences
  • Reviewing vendors based on their responses and incorporating ESG clauses into contracts

Download Checklist

    Facilitating ESG Due Diligence Across Your Supply Chain  

    Empower your organization to navigate the complexities of ESG compliance seamlessly. Download the Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire now to build a sustainable and responsible supply chain. 

    With Aavenir Connected Contract Management solution, contract Managers can initiate an ESG assessment directly from the contracting page at any stage in the contract lifecycle. The Contract Manager effortlessly selects a pre-approved template, includes necessary comments for the Supplier, and sends out the assessment. Once published, suppliers will be able to respond to the ESG assessment through an intuitive supplier portal. To explore Aavenir's preconfigured ESG assessment, encompassing various sections and a range of question formats including single select, multi-select, date, numeric queries, and grid, request a demo. 

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