Source-to-Pay Suite

An Innovation in Source-to-Pay Domain

Aavenir is all about the future of how everything should be done in a modern organization. We are here to transform your Source-to-Contract, Procure-to-Pay, and Supplier Management experience by integrating innovative technologies, such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Procure-to-Pay Suite

Experience Simplicity and Control Like Never Before!

With the help of Aavenir smart solutions, enjoy best-in-class capabilities and advanced features to transform your procurement process, from beginning till the end. Our Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) -enabled enterprise applications suite promises better control, faster operations, and smoother processing, across multiple vertical/horizontal functions and locations.


Request for Proposal Management Solution

Aavenir's easy-to-use Request for Proposal Management (RFP) solution streamlines the sourcing cycle and accelerates supplier qualification for strategic supplier engagements.

  • Accelerate RFP Authoring
  • Execute Collaborative Vendor Sourcing
  • Side-by-side supplier score comparison to identify best-value suppliers
Contractflow - Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Aavenir Contract Lifecycle Management solution can manage the entire contract lifecycle on the revolutionary ServiceNow platform.

  • Risk assessment and clause recommendations powered by Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Create and manage template and clause libraries
  • Generate contract documents through the conditional assembly
  • Execute contracts using secure e-Signature integration
Invoiceflow - Account Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation (APA) Solution

Our powerful Accounts Payable Automation solution enables smart invoice data extraction and streamlines 2-way or 3-way matching using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), thereby providing ‘Touchless’ invoice processing.

  • Deconstruct unstructured, non-uniform Invoices using Machine Learning (ML)
  • Create invoice objects automatically in ServiceNOW
  • Address discrepancies, if any, in real time with intuitive suggestions

Aavenir Source-to-Pay Suite: Dynamics in Action


Transform Manual Processes for Organization-wide Cost Savings

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing has the potential to transform obsolete processes. Understanding this basic fact and realizing the lack of ML-driven solutions in Sourcing, Contract Management, and Invoice data processing domain, Aavenir is building a next-gen Source-to-Pay suite to make sourcing and procurement operations data-driven and minimize sourcing costs. In other words, ML algorithms will drive prior actions, analyze the outcomes and recommend the best course of action to you at every step of the process.

Streamline critical functions of Source-to-Contract and Procure-to-Pay domain by incorporating ML & NLP technologies, Aavenir's disruptive solutions promise to drive:

Procurement Cycle

50% Faster Contract Cycle

Lower Supply Cost

10% Lower
Sourcing Cost

Reduction In Processing Costs

25-60% Reduction
in Operating Costs

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