CLM Solution Readiness Assessment

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Assess an organization's contract lifecycle management process maturity and find out the readiness for the CLM solution adoption.​

As the organization grows, in-house legal teams need to improve the speed and efficiency of contract management capabilities. Use this free checklist to find out the pain points of your organization’s current contracting process and assess the organization’s readiness for CLM solution adoption. Answers to the questions in this checklist can help determine the organization’s current contract maturity stage.

Download this CLM Readiness Assessment Checklist to find out:

A CLM Solution implementation needs a significant investment of time and expense. It takes proper planning to minimize the disruption and ensure that the CLM solution address your pain points. Aavenir’s team of CLM solution experts have created a Readiness Assessment Checklist to help you to evaluate current CLM process maturity as per following key points:

  • Contract Storage & Retrieval
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Workflow
  • Contract Analytics
  • Contract Governance, Risk, and Compliance

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Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Our Contract Lifecycle Management solution is capable of managing complete contract lifecycle on the revolutionary ServiceNOW platform.