Accounts Payable Automation Software
Buyer's Checklist

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Ready to automate accounts payable operations with efficient invoice processing workflow? Leverage this checklist to make informed decision.

Companies are moving from time-consuming, error-ridden manual invoice and payment (AP) processes to a partial or fully automated workflow. Before trying to investigate and interview potential AP (accounts payable) automation solution providers; companies should start with an internal assessment and create an AP software requirements checklist.

The purpose of this AP checklist is to provide certain key questions that organizations should consider when evaluating APA solution providers. This checklist will help make an informed decision based on the factors that matter most to your organization.

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Aavenir’s APA Checklists will help you to find the most efficient, cost-effective, fraud-resistant, regulatory compliant accounts payable automation software considering three main areas-

  • Invoice Processing Capabilities
  • Administration & Customization
  • Implementation and Support of Service

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Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Our Contract Lifecycle Management solution is capable of managing complete contract lifecycle on the revolutionary ServiceNOW platform.