Aavenir RFPflow
Request for Proposal Management on ServiceNow

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With its advanced capabilities, Aavenir RFPflow solution can help ServiceNow customers to accelerate the speed and accuracy of multi-vendor sourcing operations.

Aavenir RFPflow solution leverages ServiceNow’s enterprise-class workflow management capabilities to streamline RFP Management and Source-to-Contract processes on the NOW platform.

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  • How Aavenir RFPflow can accelerate RFx-to-award supplier cycle time
  • How creating reusable RFP/RFQ templates can help improve the RFP compliance and standardize sourcing across teams and geographies
  • What successful enterprises gain after implementing Aavenir RFPflow on ServiceNow ?

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Aavenir Request for Proposal Management Solution

Aavenir RFPflow -Request for Proposal Management solution can help streamline source-to-contract process on the NOW platform.