Aavenir Contractflow Packages

Aavenir Contractflow Packages Comparision

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Aavenir CLM Essentials:

Aavenir Contractflow essentials is the most cost-effective CLM software for enterprises having hundreds of contracts stored in discrete repositories. The solution helps you centralize contracts in a single, cloud-based, secure and easily searchable contract repository with auto alerts for contract expirations. It offers the most necessary features, support and strategic roadmap to quickly get started with CLM adoption journey.

Aavenir CLM Expedite:

When you use Aavenir Contractflow expedite to manage contracts lifecycle, you’ll improve contract authoring accuracy by 60%, boost time to signature by 40%, and get 30% increase in contractual revenue. Aavenir Contractflow expedite offers the comprehensive way to create and manage contracts on intelligent workflow platform, ServiceNow. From creation to review and approvals to signature, it standardizes the contract language and contracting processes across enterprise departments with end-to-end contract status visibility.

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Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Our Contract Lifecycle Management solution is capable of managing complete contract lifecycle on the revolutionary ServiceNOW platform.