Vendor Validation Checklist

Download this vendor validation checklist to confirm that the supplier you plan to sign the contract with is legitimate and reliable. An accurate vendor validation protects your organization from fraudulent and duplicate vendor onboarding, mitigates the risk of non-compliance, and avoids unpleasant surprises when existing vendors leave the business.

Download this to learn:

  • What vendor validations are a must for US entities
  • How to proceed with the vendor validation process
  • Which supplier information/documents do you require for vendor validation

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    How will this vendor validation checklist help?

    Vendor validation, referred to as supplier verification, confirms that a supplier your company wishes to contract with is legitimate and reliable. If your business is subject to regulatory requirements or other standards, you will need to validate that the suppliers you work with also abide by these rules.

    A proper vendor validation system takes care of:

    • W-9 and W-8 tax form processing
    • Tax identification number (TIN) matching  
    • Automated bank account validation
    • Vendor verification against OFAC/SDN and 30+federal compliance lists

           and, much more

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