Vendor Risk Assessment Checklist

Allow your organization to implement efficient methods of vendor onboarding and monitor and measure their performance with this customizable vendor risk assessment checklist comprising 50 assessment questions.

Download this to learn:

  • Performing vendor risk assessment pre and post-onboarding
  • Calculating vendor compliance rate
  • Comparing and evaluating vendor risk levels

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    Vendor Risk Assessment Checklist

    When an organization works with third-party vendors, it is left vulnerable to various risks such as security breaches, business interruption, reputational damage caused by vendors’ non-compliance with regulation and industry standards, and more.

    Organizations should conduct a vendor risk assessment periodically to identify and evaluate the risks and hazards of working with a third-party vendor to prevent those from happening. 

    Vendor risk assessment comprises multiple steps starting from identifying the right vendors for your organization, evaluating vendor contracts, performing on-site audits, assessing their readiness through questionnaires, and so on. 

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