Procurement Process Checklist

Use this procurement process checklist to lower costs, find better sources of supply, and ensure that possible new vendors are adequately verified.

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  • Assessing your organization's actual needs
  • Finding the perfect supplier(s) to satisfy those needs
  • Negotiating favorable contract terms and pricing

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    Procurement Process Checklist

    Various factors influence a company's procurement process, like the company's size, industry, available human resources, and organizational structure. Due to all these factors, a standard procurement process is difficult to define at times. Here’s the entire procurement process is broken down into a step-by-step checklist that procurement managers and sourcing managers can utilize.

    By using this procurement process checklist, designed by Source-to-Pay experts, you can avoid delays and ensure that internal processes are met. Procurement managers and officers can utilize this procurement checklist to cover all necessary considerations in procurement. This checklist is divided into seven steps that guide procurement practitioners on implementing this framework at each Step, from assessing needs to managing contracts.