Open Tendering Process Checklist

This open tendering process checklist will assist you in procuring goods and services (including leases or rentals of equipment) via an open tender process.

Download this to learn:

  • Allowing new firms and organizations to also enter into the market and make a name for themselves
  • Providing individuals and organizations with better employment opportunities
  • Gaining new experiences that are vital for their growth

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    Open Tendering Process Checklist

    Open Tendering Process Checklist provides an overview of the mandatory requirements a company must adopt during the procurement process. This document is designed to provide a basic checklist covering the steps in a normal procurement cycle, from identifying and specifying a need to awarding a contract. 

    Any company may wish to:

    • adapt the checklist to include specific requirements, additional steps, or best practice processes as per their choice
    • modify the list to reflect the requirements for multi-staged procurement methods
    • incorporate this checklist as part of their internal Procurement Review Committee approval process