Invoice Approval Workflow Checklist

Do you still manually approve every invoice? Download this invoice approval workflow checklist to implement paper-less invoice approvals and optimize on-time payment to your vendors.

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  • Understanding the invoice approval process
  • Catching errors from manual invoice data entry
  • Eliminating the slow approval process & lack of visibility

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    Invoice Approval Workflow Checklist

    A paper-based invoice workflow is less efficient as it consumes hours of valuable time between document filing, invoice data entry, and the seemingly never-ending wait for approval. Fortunately, technology has been a boon for the invoice approval process - making it a lot more efficient. Here are a few solid reasons you should consider implementing a paperless invoice approval system.

    An Invoice Approval Workflow is a process organizations follow to clear an invoice for payment. Think of it as a process to determine whether an invoice is valid. Depending on the size of your organization, the Accounts Payable Manager (APM) may perform this process, or the work may require an entire Accounts Payable (AP) department.

    The workflow generally begins when a vendor submits an invoice. The AP team then reviews the invoice to ensure its accuracy, including looking at the billed services, the information needed for processing, and the amount requested. After everything checks out, Accounts Payable or the finance manager approves the invoice, and the appropriate person processes the payment.

    If you want your organization to succeed, paying your vendors on time is indispensable. Learn about the invoice approval workflow and how to optimize it by completing the form and clicking “Download Now.”