Contract Lifecycle Management

Johns Hopkins University unified contract management with sourcing on ServiceNow

The JHU uses Procurement Service Portal built on ServiceNow; along with SAP for managing vendors and product catalogs from 6000+ vendors. However, all contract requests and approvals were tracked manually or in spreadsheets and ad-hoc tools. Thus, JHU had no real-time visibility on the status of contracts. JHU implemented Aavenir Contractflow to offer a single integrated point of contact to the procurement and contract management teams on ServiceNow. Read this case study to know how JHU achieved faster contract turnaround and better control over the procurement process.

Accounts Payable Automation

T. D. Williamson Gains Full Control with Greater Visibility into Invoice Process with Invoiceflow

TDW’s accounting team processes and manages approximately 50,000-60,000 invoices per year. Much of its AP processes including invoices coding and processing were manual with 7 different email inboxes associated with business units. Most of the activity was email-based and had very limited tracking or the ability to measure where they were in the process. It was resulting in lost, late, duplicate, or delayed invoices. Read how Invoiceflow helped TDW to automate invoice coding and reduce invoice processing time for 5000+ vendors.

A leading Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Automated Invoice Processing and PO Matching on ServiceNow
Accounts Payable Automation

A leading Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) Automated IT Vendor Invoice Data Extraction and PO Matching on ServiceNow

A leading Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) is managing various IT vendors. The IT department orders directly with vendors and finance had no visibility into IT expenditure. PBM automated invoice data onboarding using Aavenir Invoiceflow on ServiceNow. Find out how PBM implemented a 2-way match against Vendor and PO information with single source-of-truth and accelerated invoice approval cycle time with a 5-stage workflow on ServiceNow.

reece aavenir case study
Contract Lifecycle Management

Reece Streamlined Contract Storage and Approvals with Aavenir Contractflow on ServiceNow

Reece Group operates Australia’s largest plumbing and bathroom supplies business for more than 100 years. Reece engages with thousands of vendors for procurement contracts from over 600+ locations and distributes products to retail and B2B customers through 800 branches internationally. Find out how Reece centralized all contracts storage on ServiceNow and accelerated contract cycle time for 3rd party paper contracts with improved visibility into contract status.

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