November 10, 2022

Meet Aavenir at ServiceNow World Forum 2022- Live From Toronto

Meet Aavenir at ServiceNow World Forum Toronto, Booth E2, to explore how enterprises can manage end-to-end contracts using ServiceNow with AI & Digital Workflows. Visit our booth to see how companies like yours can streamline sourcing and procurement workflows using the advanced Aavenir products. 

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Date: November 10, 2022

Location: Beanfield Centre, Toronto, Canada

ServiceNow World Forum 2022 is back LIVE at the Beanfield Centre, Toronto! Aavenir is thrilled to be a Premier Partner and Exhibitor sponsor as we join ServiceNow for every step of its path-breaking journey.  

Meet Team Aavenir, at Booth E2,  represented by Russel Seifert - Senior Accounts Executive and John Distasio  - Principal Solution Consultant and explore how Aavenir Source-to-Pay solutions can cater to your organizational challenges. Schedule a Meeting for a free consultation on how Aavenir can help define a roadmap for evaluation, adoption, and migration to next-generation products on ServiceNow.

Meet Team Aavenir at ServiceNow World Forum 2022, Toronto

If you are attending ServiceNow World Forum 2022 in Toronto, do stop by at Aavenir Booth E2 to experience how enterprises like yours are streamlining financial and legal workflows with the latest Aavenir solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).  Explore how we can help your business scale by unlocking productivity, seizing competitive advantages, and strengthening employee, supplier, and customer relationships by extending ServiceNow capabilities. 

Register for a Live Demo to see how the ServiceNow platform powers Aavenir Source-to-Pay solutions comprising - Sourcing Management, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Vendor Lifecycle Management, and Accounts Payable (AP) Automation solutions

Know our S2P Products before You Meet our Team at ServiceNow World Forum

Aavenir Solutions

Schedule a personalized meeting to determine how Aavenir Source-to-Pay solutions can drive value for your organization.

Let’s discuss:

  • How AI-enabled source-to-pay enterprise solutions can maximize productivity and ROI for your organization
  • How disruptive ways of ML and NLP extract metadata, find missing clauses, and boost contract compliance
  • How AI-enabled multi-vendor invoice processing can reduce manual efforts and improves overall accuracy for your AP teams

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Let’s connect!

Russell Seifert
Senior Account Executive, Aavenir
John Distasio
Principal Solution Consultant, Aavenir

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