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Top ServiceNow Partner App Sessions you must watch out in Knowledge 21

ServiceNow’s annual conference, Knowledge 2021, begins soon on 11 May 2021. Whatever challenge your business is facing, you can learn to workflow your world at Knowledge 2021. If you haven’t registered yet, register today on the Knowledge website, to learn about the latest updates from ServiceNow and partner applications available on ServiceNow App Store.

Knowledge 2021 is a virtual event, where technical experts, business leaders, and stakeholders can gain first-hand experience of the latest digital workflow best practices and solutions. The event will showcase how global organizations are using digital workflows to grow their business, become more resilient, and reshape their industries.

Ready to extend ServiceNow capabilities to the next level? Here are few interesting sessions featuring ServiceNow partner apps, you don’t want to miss within key tracks at Knowledge 2021:

Track #1: Align technology investments to business value

1. Driving innovation using the proven optics ServiceNow store apps

Proven Optics, a recognized leader in Financial Management, including TBM, budgeting, and cost recovery, will demonstrate how they assist customers in innovating faster with predictable results using ServiceNow and our Financial Suite of applications available on the ServiceNow store. We will show how to break down the often complex and confusing methods for budgeting, cost modeling, and invoicing into 3 discrete applications.

2. Reporting should never slow you down: By Vivid Charts

The volume of data across platforms is growing exponentially. Manual reporting today isn’t scalable or efficient. Too often, customers find themselves turning to traditional spreadsheets, outdated slide-decks, and 3rd party BI solutions to report crucial data for stakeholders making organization decisions. In this session, VividCharts will share how reporting slows customers down and how surprisingly easy it is to accelerate with our in-platform visual reporting.

3. Connecting your content and business processes with Box and ServiceNow

Optimize your business processes with Box for ServiceNow’s Legal Services Delivery. Together, Box and ServiceNow can help you to eliminate content silos and manual steps to enable faster decision-making and boost efficiency.

TRACK #2: The platform for digital business

1. Aavenir: Managing contract lifecycle on ServiceNow using AI and digital workflows

As a ServiceNow customer, you can quickly start managing the end-to-end contract lifecycle on your existing ServiceNow subscription using Aavenir Contractflow, a Now Platform certified CLM app available on ServiceNow Store. Aavenir Contract Lifecycle Management Software makes commercial contracts interactive on ServiceNow, giving you the power to deal with the static contracts’ challenges. What is covered in the session?

  • Why you should bring CLM solution on ServiceNow
  • How to gain real-time visibility of enterprise-wide contracts
  • A smarter approach to manage contractual obligations using Aavenir Obligationflow
  • LIVE DEMO: Aavenir Contractflow on ServiceNow

2. Connectiv: The ServiceNow application for healthcare tech & facilities management

Built specifically for healthcare, Connectiv equips Healthcare Technology Management and Healthcare Facilities Management Departments with ServiceNow’s world-class technology, assisting our customers in becoming industry-leading service and asset management organizations. Mike Zimmer (Sr. Sales Engineer) will be providing a high-level overview of the Connectiv application that highlights the regulatory functionalities and use of the CMDB to build a bridge between Healthcare Technology Management and IT.

3. Accelerate the modern tech stack by managing application access on ServiceNow: By Clear Skye

Meet Clear Skye and explore how building your Identity Governance & Administration program on ServiceNow is a better way to IGA. We believe that the modern tech stack isn’t comprised of separate silos — instead, it’s consolidated and resides on Now. Watch our short presentation to learn: Why the Now Platform delivers a more capable IGA solution than legacy products. And, how Clear Skye’s seamless integration with ITSM enhances the employee user experience.

4. Discover how dynamic tasking can be modernized and task management made human again: By DTech

Where do your tasks go after you assign them? Lost in email? Spread too thin in spreadsheets? Complicated by complex software? Join ServiceNow Premier Partner DTech Apps to discover how The Tasker Suite can help transform your organization and get everyone on the same screen.

Track #3: Automate and optimize IT service operations

1. End user device workflows driving digital employee experience initiatives: By 1E

Large organizations see automation as a top strategic priority post-covid to support hybrid working in the long term. It’s no wonder; Endpoint automation in ITSM removes friction from everyday work by enabling employees to get what they need when they need it. It empowers service desk analysts to work proactively to improve digital experiences. But where do you start, and how do you maximize the value and uptake of an ITSM endpoint automation strategy?

2. Service Experience for ServiceNow CSM: By Medallia

Join this session to hear how you can get started in days with Medallia + ServiceNow CSM and proactively address issues by leveraging Medallia’s real-time insights to drive real time action across the enterprise – and collaboratively deliver great experiences throughout each customer journey.

3. The perfect match of IT automation and security in action: by SailPoint

You’ve already invested in the leading IT Service Management solution, so now, by integrating SailPoint with ServiceNow, organizations can provide their business users the same ServiceNow experience that they are familiar with for all their self-service access request needs, with the peace of mind that access is safe and protected. Organizations can empower their users to get the access they need when they need it – securely and directly within ServiceNow.

4. Transform your work with Dynatrace and ServiceNow

This will give you a brief insight into what the integration between Dynatrace and ServiceNow offers and delves into how this integration automates and transforms your work life! The Incident and Events integration helps automate raising incidents, events and finding the root cause for your infrastructure-related issues, saving both time and money and significantly improving the MTTR!

TRACK #4: Boost employee productivity and engagement

1. Cask: Unlock potential through accelerated healthcare provider onboarding

Healthcare organizations are struggling to onboard providers due to the time and complexity needed to facilitate. However, this doesn’t always have to be the reality. This session will explore how to design an onboarding experience that uses the ServiceNow platform to create an end-to-end process that significantly shortens the onboarding time to provide patient care quickly. Streamlining, automating, and integrating provider onboarding will significantly reduce unnecessary revenue generation and bring patients and providers together quicker.

2. Nuvolo Connected Workplace, the Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) built on the NOW Platform

Nuvolo Connected Workplace, a leading Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) built on NOW, gives your facilities, real estate, and construction teams the ability to work side-by-side and collaborate with IT colleagues in a single system. The Connected Workplace consolidates all processes related to real estate, space, facilities maintenance, capital projects, and sustainability on the ServiceNow Platform. Join us and learn about Nuvolo Connected Workplace advantages.

3. PlatCore LMS: Native ServiceNow Learning Management

PlatCore LMS is a native application that creates a hub in ServiceNow where you can easily discover, create, assign, and share all your learning content in one place. Leverage your Now Platform’s security, AI, workflows, and reports to deliver a powerful enterprise learning solution to truly put learning in the flow of work. This short demo will share three ways to help engage & grow employees. Learning? Let’s workflow it!

4. ServiceNow & Adobe Sign: Better together

Eliminate manual and paper-based signature processes by adding trusted, legally binding e-signatures powered by Adobe Sign to your ServiceNow document workflows. You and your team can get documents turned around faster, deliver exceptional digital experiences to customers and employees while gaining full visibility of signature status within any workflow.

5. Transform workflows with identity management from Azure Active Directory

Identity is the new control plane, and its data is central to how security, IT, and HR teams can streamline workflows. As a leading identity and access management solution, Azure Active Directory, secures more ServiceNow users than any other identity solution. Join this session and learn how to improve the employee experience with Azure AD and ServiceNow.

TRACK #5: Create a seamless customer experience

1. 3CLogic: How to integrate voice and SMS with ServiceNow digital channels and workflow

It’s time to dial up your digital transformation. In this session, discover 3CLogic’s native cloud contact center solution built for ServiceNow and how you can maximize the customer experience. With deep voice integrations with ServiceNow agent workspace, omnichannel routing that leverages advanced work assignment, and real-time speech analytics, 3CLogic will transform the voice experience for your customers, employees, and agents alike.

2. Digital service lifecycle automation with Wipro FieldX

Lack of self-service capabilities hampers manufacturing companies’ efforts in delighting customers. Wipro FieldX – a ServiceNow customer service management, field service management, and app engine-based end-to-end digital service lifecycle automation solution (predict to resolve to invoice) – enables organizations to elevate customer service to the next level uses of AI, augmented reality, and IoT.

3. Five9 is the new front door to your business

The contact center is now the new front door to your business. Five9 integrates ServiceNow CSM, ITSM, and HR Service Delivery seamlessly to allow organizations of all sizes to empower agents with tools to engage customers and create lasting experiences. This demo will showcase a positive self-service experience from a customer’s perspective and how AI-powered Five9 IVA works in real-time to escalate calls to live agents when necessary.

TRACK #6: Predict and prevent issues, and automate resolutions

1. Tricentis and ServiceNow automates DevOps testing and deployments

Companies that are most successful in DevOps are the ones that achieve the highest levels of automation. Tricentis provides you with a single, codeless, AI-powered platform that enables true enterprise end-to-end automation when it comes to continuous testing. Join this session to learn about the new partnership between Tricentis and ServiceNow, bringing detailed test results into the ServiceNow DevOps product to add another level to your automation.

2. Creating IT resilience and agility with Nutanix and ServiceNow

Leveraging Nutanix delivery automation technologies with ServiceNow ITOM discovery, event, incident, and service management, customers can easily convert alerts into incidents and enable self-service for application and infrastructure. This provides complete visibility into their private cloud and allows them to remediate infrastructure issues using ITSM best practices proactively.

Next Steps:

The power of the Now Platform is that you can choose the path that is right for you. Customers can tap out-of-the-box (OOB) features, leverage partner apps, or design them to be customizable. Finding the right balance is critical.

Still, confused whether you should go for custom development vs partner apps?

ServiceNow Application Build vs. Buy Scorecard

Make an informed decision for your next workflow implementation on ServiceNow

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