Workday SRM and Aavenir Contractflow Integration | Source-to-Pay Integration

This eBook aims to help organizations understand Aavenir’s technical capabilities and experience in Workday SRM integration and how your procurement and sourcing teams bind together the upstream strategic sourcing and contract management with downstream operational procurement.

Download this to learn:

  • Managing procurement processes across source-to-contract cycle
  • Improving negotiations between vendors and stakeholders
  • Providing a consistent and better user experience

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    Workday SRM and Aavenir Contractflow integration is aimed to help sourcing professionals achieve fast procurement cycle and contract lifecycle times. In addition, Aavenir Contractflow integrates directly into the Workday SRM Solution to unite procurement and contract management to achieve more significant procurement savings and boost your purchasing power within Workday Procurement. 

    How will this integration help your sourcing and contract management teams?

    • Faster contract creation
    • Real-time data access
    • Reduced risks of redundant data, potential frauds, and human errors
    • Seamless management of procurement processes from requisitioning to awarding and from contract authoring to analysis