ServiceNow and SAP Ariba Integration

A Step-by-Step Guide to Integrate ServiceNow with SAP Ariba Applications and Data Sources

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  • Business Use cases where SAP Ariba and ServiceNow integration can make a huge impact
  • Deep Dive into IntegrationHub on ServiceNow
  • Introduction of SAP Ariba Spokes in ServiceNow
  • Performing of ITK Export task on SAP Ariba
  • Using SAP Ariba as a 'back-end to the system of records' whereas ServiceNow as a ‘transactional system’
  • Automating SAP Ariba Data Export (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, On-Request)
  • Business Case 1: Creating and Managing Supplier Contracts
  • Business Case 2: Automating Accounts Payable Invoice Processing
  • Business Case 3: Managing & tracking supplier Contractual Obligations

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    A Step-by-Step Guide to Integrate ServiceNow with SAP Ariba Applications and Data Sources

    Large-scale as well as growth-stage organizations use SAP Ariba for keeping track of activities related to procurement, contract management, accounts payable, sourcing, and more. SAP Ariba connects the entire procurement process from source-to-pay, thereby providing better visibility on the organization’s spending patterns.

    ServiceNow is an enterprise cloud platform that simplifies how work gets done, delivers intuitive experiences, and allows enterprises to build, integrate, or use out-of-box digital workflow apps with a unified cloud platform.

    Organizations can use the respective capabilities of SAP Ariba and ServiceNow to efficiently manage and automate source-to-pay processes and workflows. This Ebook provides detailed guidance on how organizations can manage SAP Ariba integration with ServiceNow; thereby avoid dreadful incidents that could lead to data redundancy, non-compliance, business risks, and more.

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