Procurement KPI Worksheet

Optimize vendor data analysis and enhance procurement performance by tracking essential procurement metrics and crafting a comprehensive procurement dashboard.

Download this to learn:

  • Total spend per vendor
  • Purchase price variance
  • Supplier lead time and defect rate
  • Tail spend per vendor

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    Procurement KPI Worksheet

    The realm of procurement and purchasing within any organization serves as an expenditure hub, often challenging to dissect for expenditure allocation. This procurement KPI worksheet encompasses vital metrics that every procurement professional requires. It empowers them to effectively monitor and establish an all-encompassing procurement dashboard, thereby refining vendor data analysis and elevating procurement performance.  

    The Procurement KPI worksheet encompasses pivotal metrics including total spend per vendor, purchase price variance, supplier lead time and defect rate, days payable outstanding, tail spend per vendor, and much more.  

    Access this worksheet by completing the form on the right and clicking “Download Now.” 

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