5 Accounts Payable Anti-Fraud Controls Cheat Sheet

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  • What are the top 5 Accounts Payable Anti-Fraud Controls for AP Manager
  • How to detect and prevent Accounts Payable Frauds in your organization
  • How AP Automation can help reduce Accounts Payable Frauds

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    5 Accounts Payable Anti-Fraud Controls Cheat Sheet

    Combating Accounts Payable Fraud with AP automation is about verifying invoice information, and knowing if the order was received and the PO is accurate. It’s about making the team run as efficiently as possible by allowing them to accomplish more in less time and hopefully with fewer errors. 

    Aavenir’s AI-powered Accounts Payable solution significantly increases visibility and communication about invoices throughout the company. With Aavenir, there is a centralized place for the receipt of invoices. That way, every invoice enters the company through a standard method that makes it easier to spot something that doesn’t quite fit. 

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