Receiving and Coding

Achieve maximum efficiency in your accounts payable processes.

Capture invoices across multiple channels and automate invoice-coding with Invoiceflow. Streamline your accounts payable department, reduce errors and speed up approvals.

Collect all invoices sent to your AP inbox or any channel automatically.

Let your vendors and customers simply send invoices to your AP email ID.

Invoiceflow onboards invoices from your e-procurement systems, email inboxes, scanners, or mobile app automatically.

Manage both PO and non-PO invoices in one centralized platform.

Create different workflows for both PO and non-PO invoices within Invoiceflow.

Store all invoices in a global, centralized, and full-text searchable repository on ServiceNow.

Automate invoice coding with machine-learning-based data entry.

Let our AI learn and use your invoice patterns to recognize information in your invoices and automate your invoice coding.

Extract data with the same efficiency whether your invoices span multiple pages have 100 items or numerous attachments.

Extract key data from your PDF, text, and image-based invoices without templatizing them.

Don't worry about standardizing all your vendor and customer invoices to a fixed template.

Work with PDF, image, and text invoices effortlessly, no matter how the invoice is structured.

Get notified when the accuracy of data extraction falls below your set thresholds.

Set up confidence levels for captured data and intervene only if they fall below the threshold.

Get notified if the AI cannot recognize data and doesn't have confidence in the results.

Let our AI auto-fill custom fields using NLP and OCR technology.

Extract key data at the header and line item and convert any unstructured data into structured automatically.

Set up custom fields that you need for the invoice-matching process, and let our AI auto-fill them.

Stop wasting months on training AI. Move faster with our pre-trained AI.

Our AI does not take months to train with your specific documents. Get faster time to value—we've trained our AI with tons of documents before bringing it to the market.

Identify important data and ignore irrelevant information with our intelligent AI.

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Stop letting poor AP processes cost your business time and money. See how Invoiceflow works for your invoices today.

Break free from manual work, inefficiencies, and the high cost of manual processing. Learn how Invoiceflow can help your business save more.

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