ServiceNow Future of Work, Australia

Meet Aavenir at
Future of Work 2020

March 3 - 25, 2020


We are excited to be in the cities near you at ServiceNow Future of Work 2020 Australia events. Let’s talk how enterprises like yours are streamlining source-to-pay workflows using ServiceNow and Aavenir products. Built-natively on ServiceNow,  Aavenir help ServiceNow customers to unlock productivity, seize competitive advantages, and extend ServiceNow’s capabilities using following products

– Aavenir RFPflow – Request for Proposal Management Software

– Aavenir Contractflow – Contract Lifecycle management Software

– Aavenir Invoiceflow – Account Payable Automation Software

Meet Jesal Mehta and Aavenir team at the following locations or schedule a meeting to define a roadmap for evaluation, adoption, and migration to next generation Aavenir Source-to-Pay products on ServiceNow.

DateLocationRegistration Link
Tuesday, 03 MAR 2020
2:00pm – 5:00pm
W Hotel
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Thursday, 12 MAR 2020
2:00pm – 5:00pm
Hilton Hotel
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Tuesday, 18 MAR 2020
2:00pm – 5:00pm
Grand Hyatt Melbourne
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About Future of Work 2020:

At the Future of Work 2020, you will learn how ServiceNow products break down silos, enhance employee experiences, delight customers, and transform the way you work on Now Platform. Register for Future of Work events in city near you and discover how the latest innovations can propel your business. At this complimentary event you’ll hear:

  • How to automate routine tasks to increase productivity with virtual agent and machine learning
  • Why customer service must think “digital-first” to deliver satisfaction
  • Why it’s crucial to combine security, risk and IT capabilities into an integrated risk program
  • How next-gen employee experiences will lead to a major productivity boost and improve employee satisfaction

Future of Work 2020 provides opportunities to explore latest ServiceNow features and applications, build relationships with trusted parters and advisors, and learn how to extend the value of ServiceNow in exciting, new ways.

To learn more or view event agenda, please visit the Future of Work 2020 event website and register. Here is the Future of Work 2020 event website for FREE registration.

About Aavenir Products

Aavenir Contractflow

Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Aavenir CLM on ServiceNow is the perfect way to empower employees to create and manage contracts with suppliers, customers, partners, or employees without sending emails back & forth while keeping everyone informed along the way. From creation and collaboration to signature and renewals, AI-enabled Aavenir CLM can help efficiently manage contract lifecycle for procurement, sales, services, HR or any other type of internal and external enterprise operations – to standardize contract language, reduce legal dependency, accelerate review cycles, and speed up time-to-signature.

Aavenir Invoiceflow

Account Payable Automation Solution

Aavenir AP automation offers smart invoice data capture and cognitive invoice processing capabilities to reduce human intervention by up to 99%. Built natively on ServiceNow Platform, Aavenir AP enables enterprises to efficiently manage multi-vendor procurement payments with varied payment terms. Aavenir AP Automation captures electronic or physical invoices and invokes Aavenir’s ML engine to extract meaningful invoice information, match it against PO, GRNs, and contract data for 2-way or 3-way match, and automatically bring them on payment workflows on ServiceNow once validated.

Energize your Accounts Payable Division with Aavenir’s AP Automation Solution

See Aavenir’s enterprise application suite in action and make an informed decision, today.

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