Discover, Assign and Monitor Contract Obligations on ServiceNow

The obligations related to important business transactions and relationships are typically detailed in contracts with customers, suppliers (goods & services providers), channel partners, and other parties. Large organizations have an overwhelmingly large number of contracts containing an even greater number of obligations. 

Amid COVID-19, are you sure that all your business deals are working as per the terms and conditions?Intelligent contract obligations management can lead to improved vendor performance, new business opportunities, avoid reputation damage, and may eliminate heavy financial losses for your organization.

Attend this webinar to explore how an AI-enabled contract obligation lifecycle management system can ensure that all the obligations are fulfilled? Hear from Jesal Mehta, Founder, and CEO, Aavenir accompanied by Russell Seifert, Account Executive at  Aavenir as they provide a sneak preview of our latest product Aavenir Obligationflow, which can:

  • Discover: Extract obligations with a single click using AI engine 
    • Transactional obligations: payment milestones, delivery timeline, etc.
    • Compliance obligations: environmental, health & safety, etc.

  • Assign: Streamline obligation lifecycle using Digital Workflow
    • Allocate obligation fulfillment tasks to relevant stakeholders
    • Automate email notifications and reminders for obligation fulfillment tasks 
  • Monitor: Measure contractual performance across the organization using Dashboard 
    • Track obligation risks and compliances
    • Review contract obligations by customers, suppliers, service providers, lessors and lessees, supply chain and sales channel partners, creditors, borrowers, and other parties.

Reserve your spot to be amongst the first few to see a live preview of the Aavenir Obligation Management app on ServiceNow. 

Expert Speakers:
Jesal Mehta
Founder and CEO, Aavenir
Jesal holds deep expertise in implementing and helping enterprises to adopt Source-to-Pay (P2P) and contracts lifecycle management solutions. He has played leadership positions within different functions like product management and engineering as well as professional services. Having 25+ years of experience in source-to-pay solutions, Jesal has founded Aavenir to offer the most advanced AI-enabled source-to-pay solutions that enhance enterprise-wide collaboration and user experience.

Russell Seifert
Account Executive, Aavenir
Russell helps global enterprises solve their source to pay challenges by delivering SaaS based applications. He heads key account management at Aavenir, having spent most of his career delivering SaaS based Contract Management, Project Management, Quote to Cash, and Source to Pay solutions.

Streamline Contract Obligation Workflow on ServiceNow

using Aavenir Obligationflow

Extend ServiceNow Platform capabilities to manage your Contracts obligations and risks.

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