Lumeris Empowers Value-Based Healthcare Contracting with Aavenir Contractflow Solution

About Company

Lumeris is a managed services operator for health systems and providers, focused on providing value-based care to achieve extraordinary clinical and financial outcomes. The company's goal is to align providers and payers across populations with technologies, processes, behaviors, and information to achieve high-quality, cost-effective care with satisfied consumers and engaged physicians. 

Lumeris empowers value-based healthcare through its innovative approach to care delivery, leveraging technology and data-driven insights to improve outcomes and reduce costs. With a focus on aligning providers and payers across populations, Lumeris is at the forefront of the healthcare industry, driving positive change and improving patient outcomes. 

Client’s Contract Management Challenges

With many healthcare contracts to manage, Lumeris needed a reliable solution that could streamline the entire contract management process and reduce the risk of errors.  

Self-Author Contracts by Legal team for Confidential & Client Contracts  

Lumeris encountered a significant challenge as its legal team, entrusted with creating confidential and client contracts, faced limited visibility into the processes. This lack of visibility posed a considerable burden on the legal team, leading to delays due to the substantial workload and restricted insight into the overall operations. 

Difficult metadata extraction 

Among many, one of the primary challenges Lumeris faced was extracting meta-data such as terms and clauses from their contracts as Lumeris is primarily dealing with third party contracts. They needed a solution that could accurately extract this information and provide a clear understanding of the contract's contents.  

Inaccurate identification and interpretation of clauses 

Furthermore, Lumeris wanted to strengthen clause boundary definition, ensuring that each clause was clearly defined and accurately interpreted. Accurate identification and interpretation of individual clauses within a contract was a difficult task, as clauses are mostly written in various formats and can contain complex language and legal jargon. 

Misunderstandings and misinterpretations 

If clause boundaries are not accurately defined, it can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the contract's contents, which can result in legal disputes and financial losses. For example, a poorly defined clause boundary could result in an inaccurate understanding of payment terms, leading to delayed payments or financial penalties. 

Vendor Onboarding during Request for Contract against a New Vendor 

Lumeris was encountering challenges in getting vendor details reviewed by their Vendor Management and FP&A Teams when requesting a new contract with a New Vendor. The process has been difficult and time-consuming, leading to delays and inefficiencies in their workflow. 

They needed a solution that can help seamlessly raise contract requests and update vendor details in a centralized place which results in frictionless and soft vendor onboarding. 

The Solution - Aavenir Contract Lifecycle Management Solution for Healthcare Industry

Lumeris recently implemented Aavenir's Contractflow solution to streamline their contract management process. The company's primary focus was on processing third-party contracts with a strong emphasis on AI-driven capabilities. Aavenir's Contractflow solution proved to be the ideal fit for Lumeris.  

Self-Author Contract by Legal Team 

Apart from Vendor Contract which requires a request, Aavenir Contractflow provides a flexibility to Legal to create direct confidential and client contracts. Also, visibility to these contracts is limited to certain users. 

AI-driven Capabilities 

The AI-driven solution provided confident extraction of meta-data and strengthened the clause boundary definition. The overall experience with the AI extraction piece remained a focus, and Lumeris was impressed with the level of accuracy and efficiency provided by the solution. The solution provided a reliable way to manage third-party contracts, empowering Lumeris to bring common sense back to the business of healthcare. 

Third Party Contract Terms Identification and Complex Clause Analysis 

The solution provides accurate contract terms identification and clause boundary definition, ensuring that each clause is clearly defined and accurately interpreted. Aavenir Contractflow uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to accurately identify and extract metadata from complex clauses, streamlining the contract management process.  

The AI-driven solution provides Lumeris with the confidence they need to accurately interpret each clause, leading to a clearer understanding of the contract's contents. By strengthening clause boundary definition, Lumeris is able to reduce the risk of misunderstandings and misinterpretations, improving their overall contract management process. 

Timely Auto-Renewal of required Contracts 

Aavenir Contractflow enables timely auto-renewal with defined renewal terms where no manual intervention is required. 

Automated Workflows 

By automating workflows for value-based healthcare contracting, Lumeris was able to significantly reduce the time it took to process contracts. With the help of Aavenir Contractflow solution, contracts were automatically routed to the appropriate parties for review and approval, ensuring that the contract turnaround time was reduced from weeks to just a few days. This reduced the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties. 

Automated workflows enabled better collaboration between different departments involved in the contract management process. The solution provided a single platform for all stakeholders to track the progress of contracts, share comments and feedback, and ensure that all parties were on the same page. 

Automated Alerts and Real-time Updates 

The solution provided automated alerts for missing information or potential errors, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and legal disputes. Further, real-time updates on the progress of contracts enabled Lumeris to identify bottlenecks and take corrective actions as needed. 

Vendor Soft-Onboarding 

Along with streamlined Request to Contract Management Process- Aavenir Contractflow solution enable Lumeris to do soft-onboarding to its vendors while having required review process in place.  

With Aavenir Contractflow, now Lumeris can submit contract requests, and review the counterparty's information electronically. This electronic review includes necessary audit trails from the required teams, ensuring transparency and accountability. Once the request completes its process, Aavenir Contractflow seamlessly creates or updates vendor details in the Service Vendor Master, which serves as a core component of Lumeris’ system. This helps not only simplify the vendor management process but also improves overall efficiency. 

The experience with Lumeris was interesting for Aavenir's Professional Services team as it brought various new ways of bringing some simple but effective use cases around UX. Lumeris acknowledged those custom bytes on ServiceNow that only added flavor to the strong product on the platform. By partnering with Aavenir, Lumeris was able to enhance their contract management process, bringing more value to their business and their patients.

Key Results

In just 1-month post soft launch of Contractflow 4.5, the latest NOW version - San Diego, they were able to successfully streamline contract lifecycle management by implementing Aavenir Contractflow on the Now Platform. 

A Leading Telecommunications Company Enabled Contract Creation on the fly with Automated Contract Request Module on ServiceNow

About Company

A leading provider of satellite communications and IT services - delivering critical communications services, based in Texas, serves more than 3,200 customers in over 140 countries across diverse verticals including, Mining, Maritime, Energy,  Media, Telecom, Cruise, NGO, Government, and Enterprise sectors. Known for its passionate customer focus and strong safety culture, the world’s most comprehensive network helps enable faster and seamless pole-to-pole coverage from a global hybrid satellite, besides microwave, cellular, fiber, MPLS, and IP transport network with direct access to public cloud platforms.

Client’s Contract Management Challenges

Despite having a CLM solution, the team was facing operational challenges in managing the contacts across the organization. The contracting processes were manual and inefficient with limited visibility into the specifics. There was no involvement of legal in the contract creation cycle. 

Non-user-friendly CLM system with no user adoption across teams

The global communications partner used Traditional CLM software to manage its contract lifecycle, but the user adoption across teams was zilch. To a large extent, the processes were manual as well as non-standardized Sales, Finance, HR, and IT teams (internal customers) used to reach out to their Legal team for their contractual needs. Most workflows were manual, from contract request submission to contract review and negotiation. The legal team reached out (to the internal customer/s) via email or phone call to understand the need or to gather additional information required to fulfill the requirement. 

And when it came to the adoption experience, it  was not cutting across the different functional areas. So it was one of the prime reasons they decided  not to renew the extension for the legacy Contract Management Software. 

Legal team bottlenecks 

Since the organization is vast and most teams work in silos, the entire contracting process has been marred by inefficiencies, especially between sales and legal teams. The sales team usually created contracts in their MS-CRM dynamics, and then they were sent to the legal team for further proceedings. However, due to a lack of visibility and transparency, the legal team was hardly getting adequate review time. 

Moreover, the legal team had to adhere to very short notices to check the contract's compliance parameters and other crucial areas. 

Inability to locate and trace contracts

The user adoption of CLM was inadequate, and most processes were manual. Hence, despite having a contract repository, not all contracts were uploaded to it. As a result, some contracts were even distorted beyond their existing CLM software as well. This situation was repeatedly resulting in errors and challenges for everyone involved. 

Scattered contracts and siloed operations were a major headache for the legal team, which pursued them to initiate the requirement for a smart CLM system. 

The Solution - Aavenir Contract Lifecycle Management Solution for Telecommunications Industry

The prior bad experience with their CLM system made their CLM evaluation process extremely cautious and precise. After a careful evaluation of features, functionalities, and ease of use, they zeroed down its choice on Contractflow. Th e global communications partner partnered with Aavenir to rethink the approach to end-to-end management of their complex contract processing from MS CRM for creating contract requests to DocuSign for Signatures. 

They implemented Aavenir Contractflow on ServiceNow for different teams involved, It will primarily cater to the legal in Sell-Side & Buy-Side Contract for those based in the United States & Australia helping them digitize all of their paper contracts using Aavenir word-add in plug in and allowing them to access all its contracts in single contract repository.

Legacy Contract Migration

Voluminous legacy contracts were successfully imported from their existing CLM software and stored in the Aavenir Contract repository. Successful migration of their siloed contracts without any data loss, with the help of third-party,  not only improved overall visibility, but also enabled the reduction in time spent searching for them. 

Out-of-the-box and Lean Contract Request Module 

The contract request module has been customized and rebuilt to accommodate the requirements. Internal customers (requestor) can create a contract request (intake form) either via MS CRM, based on email (MS-outlook), or directly in Contractflow.  Instead of primary 5 fields, this revamped version offers 75 fields to ease the contract management process. 

With Aavenir contract request templates, users can now create contract requests directly from their Outlook, without login into Aavenir Contractflow, which gets assigned to the Contract Manager who is mentioned in the email. 

Similarly, the Sales team or Requestor can initiate a request through MS-CRM and it lands in the Aavenir Request module. The entire process is so lean and simplified that the journey from contract request to legal contract creation happens in a few clicks. 

Seamless Collaboration

They have implemented a variety of major contract types. Regardless of the contract type and the channel from which a contract request has been submitted, the entire system and collaboration workflows are seamless. Besides, the internal linking - ticket-to-contract is a seamless journey even for non-legal users as they don't need to login to the CLM solution now and then. In fact, they get status updates from their MS Outlook. In all, Aavenir's solution successfully optimized their contracting process. 

Faster Turnaround / Accelerated Contract Lifecycle

As soon as the contract request is sent, based on the contact request ID, the agreement is created in Contractflow. Everything is impromptu and dynamic - no backlogs in the entire process anywhere. 

Furthermore, the collaborative and cohesive implementation of the inbuilt chat module bridges the communication and collaboration gaps among contract requesters, contract managers, and other teams. 

This LIVE chat mechanism helps get most of the things resolved on time and, as a result, accelerates the entire lifecycle of contract management. 

The Multi-global Users

The global communications partner team comprises a global team and the Aavenir Contractflow application is used and implemented across 4 continents. The sales department is spread across Europe and Africa, the legal department sits in Australia, and the other teams, including Sales, Legal, and HR, are spread across North America and Malaysia.

Contract Management Dashboards

Aavenir Contractflow dashboards give deeper insight into contract status, enhance visibility and reduce risks. Their leadership team, spread across the globe, can visualize all the needed metrics, KPIs, and metadata, harnessing the power of AI-powered contract analytics in real-time with visual dashboards. 

“The ability to create a contract request from an outlook is a wow factor. We use ready-made Aavenir templates for request submissions and contracts seamlessly get created in Aavenir CLM.”

-   Manager, Commercial Contracts

Key Results

In just 1-month post soft launch of Contractflow 3.0, the latest NOW version - San Diego, they were able to successfully migrate legacy contracts and streamline contract lifecycle management by implementing Aavenir Contractflow on the Now Platform.