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Built on NOW - Significance and Value Proposition for ServiceNow Customers

Have you heard of ServiceNow? Do you know what it means when you come across a software application that says “Built on NOW”? What credibility does a software application require to earn, in order to boast of that “Built on NOW” tag? Let’s demystify that for you.

For ServiceNow® customers, the term “native application” is probably familiar. ServiceNow has a special program that allows partners to build native applications on Now Platform® - this program is called Built on Now™. Built on Now™ applications have received ServiceNow’s highest technical certification. The program honors partners with proven ServiceNow expertise that creates and adds value for customers across various industries.

Built on NOW -  Meaning 

In May of 2020, ServiceNow announced a new designation for natively developed ServiceNow applications sold on the ServiceNow Store called Built On Now. 

A Built On Now application is defined as “A scoped application that is built on the ServiceNow platform and can be wholly distributed from one ServiceNow instance to another as a scoped application.”

The fact that a small handful of apps in the market have received this designation is a testimonial of their stringent quality standards. This certification helps potential customers distinguish which apps are just being sold for ServiceNow and which apps are actually Built On Now using digital workflows.  

Significance of Apps Built on NOW platform

While the ServiceNow store has various products, the “Built on Now” tag is significant for multiple reasons. So what is the significance of being hailed a Built On Now product?

  • Built on Now apps are subject to higher security standards and additional scrutiny during the certification process.
  • The vetting procedure entails a thorough examination, indicating that the app Built on Now is of high quality, which informs potential consumers that it has been certified as a platform extension to fulfill additional use cases better.
  • Built On Now apps can have a higher degree of trust that the application in question will perform with the same reliability as ServiceNow while also being just as secure. 
  • Last but not least, being Built On Now is a sure sign that a product is straightforward to use in one's ServiceNow instance. 

Requirements of Apps and Products to be Admitted as Built on Now 

Any app on the ServiceNow store can be Built On Now. However, there are just a few requirements for a product to be admitted as one:

  • Is the Built On Now product creator an esteemed ServiceNow certified technology partner?
  • Is the product's UX/UI designed in the ServiceNow ecosystem, i.e., using ServicePortal, Workspace, Mobile, Ui Pages, forms, etc.?
  • Is the product making use of ServiceNow's core functionality and business logic?
  • Can your application be accessed through ServiceNow? This ensures the product does not use an external access system.

Capabilities of NOW Platform

ServiceNow is a highly flexible, configurable, and scalable cloud application platform that allows its users to achieve a lot more through the platform apart from the standard features. ServiceNow is the transformative cloud-based platform for today's digitally savvy, modern enterprises to help them effectively deliver and manage services. ServiceNow offers a single platform to manage various activities across the organization, such as incident management, customer request management, solving employee issues, and addressing routine tasks. 

The Now Platform enables businesses to create custom apps. The platform uses a single data model and makes it seamless to create contextual workflows and intelligently automate multiple business processes. In addition, the platform offers Intelligent Automation Engine, which combines machine learning with automated actions and helps reduce costs.

Snapshot of NOW Platform Capabilities

Source: ServiceNow

Signing off - Build Your Own Workflows with the NOW Platform

ServiceNow's NOW Platform is ubiquitous, powerful, fast, and straightforward. Designed for enterprise businesses, this cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service can be easily scaled across multiple networks and supports high transaction volume and department-level workload. The Built On Now program doesn't just offer great benefits for partners to build their workflows. It's also an exciting opportunity for customers to take advantage of the native apps on the ServiceNow Store

Note: Aavenir solutions built on Now are available on the ServiceNow Store here - check them out. 

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