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Aavenir Launches Futuristic Contract Management (CLM) Solution for ServiceNow to improve legal services

ML-powered Aavenir contract management solution is available for ServiceNow to improve regulatory compliance and accelerate contract processing time.

Location: Santa Clara, CA.

Date: July 16, 2019

Aavenir, a premier ServiceNow technology partner, today announced the launch of its revolutionary Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution on ServiceNow App Store.

Built on the world’s most innovative cloud workflow platform ‘Now’, the Aavenir contract management solution automates end-to-end contract lifecycle between enterprises of all sizes. The solution enables customers to manage buy-side or sell-side legal contracts for any business function including procurement, sales, HR, IT, and customer service. From contract drafting and tracking to execution, the Aavenir CLM provides legal and finance teams the complete visibility and control of contracts, while offering self-service to the employees.

“We’re very excited to see Aavenir CLM. The solution is a 'no-brainer' for ServiceNow customers – it enables users to create contracts as quickly and easily as raising a support ticket. Aavenir CLM is available via APP STORE, meaning; ServiceNow customers can be up and running and using its rich functionalities with just a few clicks.” said James Maxwell, ISV Technology & Alliances (APJ) Lead at ServiceNow.

“In many enterprises, contracts are managed with very high dependency on the legal team – resulting in extended time to close the deals,” said Jesal Mehta, Founder, and CEO, Aavenir. “Aavenir CLM empowers employees to manage contracts under watchful eyes of legal. The solution’s key value proposition is seamless integration with ServiceNow workflows, intuitive user experience, and pre-built integration connectors to collect and send contract data to many endpoints. Its unique ML engine helps extract contract clauses and terms and flag appropriate risks for the business, on-the-go.” he added.

Enterprises using ServiceNow can explore features of Aavenir CLM by reading Product Datasheet or Request a Demo.

About Aavenir:

Led by domain experts in procure-to-pay and CLM enterprise tech, the team Aavenir is passionate about delivering the ‘future of work’. Aavenir’s procure-to-pay solutions including accounts payable and contracts management are designed to reinvent procurement processes using disruptive ML and NLP technologies. For more details, visit www.aavenir.com

About ServiceNow:

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) is making the world of work, work better for people. ServiceNow offers a cloud-based platform and solutions for delivering digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise.

For information, Media Contact:

Marketing & Communications Team, Aavenir
Contact contact@aavenir.com

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