2-way/3-way Invoice Validation

Simplify complex invoice reconciliation process with automated 2-way/3-way invoice data validation with Invoiceflow.

Integrate with ServiceNow apps, vendor master data, or ERPs to pull in POs and goods receipts.

If your purchase orders, receipts, and bills are stored in an ERP, you can connect ERP with Invoiceflow with low-code/no-code integration to validate data and maintain a single source of truth.

If your data is stored on ServiceNow, Invoiceflow automatically pulls in the information needed to validate your invoices.

Set up custom validation and exception handling rules based on your business processes to ensure data accuracy.

Set up custom validation and exception handling rules based on your business processes to ensure data accuracy.

Detect duplicate or fraudulent invoices before you start invoice processing—save the extra work.

Automate 2-way/3-way validation and slash labor costs.

Harness the power of AI to automatically compare invoices to POs/receipts/contracts and get notified of any exceptions.

Stop spending hours manually searching invoice-related documents and automatically link invoices to purchase orders, receipts, and contract for faster and accurate approvals.

Stop letting your revenue leak due to overpayments or ruin your relationships with slighter payments.

Cut down invoice exceptions by 50% and send more invoices straight-through to approval.

Enable touchless processing for most of your invoices and post them for approval with near to zero human intervention.

Get email notifications and alerts in case an invoice is not verified.

Get better results every day with an AI that adopts continual learning.

Invoiceflow gets smarter with every new invoice it processes—which means your entire invoice processing can be automated with time.

If an invoice needs manual intervention because our AI cannot match a PO line item—our AI will learn from your process and constantly improve, so no human involvement is needed the next time.

Assign invoices approval requests to the right stakeholders automatically and speed up your AP processes.

Dynamically orchestrate approval requests if anyone is on leave or out of office.

Automatically route invoices with minimum human intervention to the right person, based on past patterns.

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