Every single contract obligation you miss is putting your business at risk.

Use AI to auto-discover key contract obligations and fulfill them on time using a digital workflow. Increase compliance, save time and reduce business risks with Obligationflow!
Contract Repository

Manually managing over 20,000 contracts with innumerable obligations is hard.

There is a lack of ownership and accountability in your teams over obligation tasks
You have no visibility on your obligation performance because of scattered contract data
Manually identifying compliance demands from long, technically worded contracts is hard
You're unable to track the countless obligations across >20,000 contracts
Spreadsheets and ERPs are not equipped to handle obligation compliance needs

Let Obligationflow transform your obligation management in 4 easy steps.

Import contracts from Aavenir Contractflow or from your own CLM system/ERPs.
Automatically capture obligations such as SLAs, quality of goods, recurring payments etc. from your contracts.
Define workflows and tasks and fulfill obligations on time, every time with automated alerts.
Comply with all contractual obligations and reduce legal, financial, strategic, and operational risks.

Ensure contractual obligations are identified and fulfilled 100% of the time.

AI-enabled Obligation Extraction

Stay one step ahead in your industry with cutting-edge technology.

Aavenir Obligationflow leverages the latest Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies for single click obligation data extraction, obligation tasks creation, and obligation fulfillment workflow for relevant stakeholders.
Contract Repository Software | Cloud Central Contracting on ServiceNow | Aavenir
Contract Repository Software | Cloud Central Contracting on ServiceNow |Aavenir

Automatically extract terms, clauses, and key obligations from contracts & turn them into tasks.

On-board contracts in any format

Quickly import all active legal, HR, Finance, IT, Sales, and Procurement contracts from Aavenir Contractflow or any other CLM system. Extract obligations from all contract formats—PDFs, Word files, and even scanned images.

Analyze the auto-extracted obligations

Identify and categorize contractual obligations like SLAs, payment milestones, delivery timelines, etc. with the click of a button with our purpose-built AI engine.

Auto-extract obligations

Validate the auto-discovered obligations, make edits and get started on your obligation fulfilment process.

Approve obligations

Validate the auto-discovered obligations, make edits and get started on your obligation fulfilment process.

Prioritize obligation fulfillment tasks

Let our system break down every obligation into scheduled tasks, whether one-time, recurring or triggered.
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Obligation fulfilment workflow

Assign clear ownership for obligation fulfillment tasks with an efficient workflow engine.

Assign stakeholder(s) for an obligation fulfillment task

Assign tasks and KPIs to your employees and know who is responsible for what.

Automate reminders

Get automated email reminders to take actions on your obligations right on time.

Get alerts on expiry dates

Configure alerts to stay up to date with contract expiries and renewals and eliminate unplanned renewals.

Deliver on obligations

Cultivate better relationships by meeting SLAs, service deliveries and complying with agreed pricing discounts.
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Obligation Analytics and InsightS 

Get a single view of all contractual obligations & know where your obligation compliance.

View obligation tasks status by owner

See all pending, completed, in-progress, and closed obligation tasks by owner, and keep your employees accountable. Analyze the status of efforts and identify bottlenecks before they hurt your business.

Monitor obligations by type

View your obligations and compliance statuses based on vendor, category, geography, business unit, priority, etc.

Auto-extract obligations

Re-evaluate the non-performing terms and rates and enhance contract language to be more beneficial.

Track obligation performance

Make sure your vendors are following all SLAs / KPIs that are mentioned in the contract.  Re-evaluate the non-performing terms and rates and enhance contract language to be more beneficial.

Reduce Business Risks

Get reports on all rejected and overdue obligations and find the problem areas. Reduce chances of overpayments and overpricing due to non-compliance.
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Aavenir Obligationflow helps you achieve


faster obligation identification cycle


cost savings with centralized obligations fulfillment


Improvement in compliance
Better Supplier Relationships
Increased Contract Value
Reduced Revenue Leakage
Extra Time Saving
Why Aavenir

We've been in the Source-to-Pay industry for 25 years. We understand your problems, and we're here to solve them.

Built on ServiceNow
We know how complex adopting a new software across the organization is, that's why we've built Aavenir on the ServiceNow enterprise cloud platform.
Cutting-edge AI
Cutting-edge AI
Automation is the future—and we're the ones building it. Our best-in-class AI automates manual tasks for a fraction of the cost and in half the time.
Fully configurable
Fully configurable
We offer countless out-of-the-box configuration options that help you implement the solution to your specific business needs. We're rooting for your success and are always around to help!
Built on 25 years of experience
Built on 25 years of experience
We understand your problems because we’ve been there. We’ve built a solution that’s easy for your whole team to adopt and powerful enough to transform .

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to purchase both Contractflow and Obligationflow for this to work?

No, both of our tools are stand-products that work perfectly independent of each other.

You can import contracts from any system into Obligationflow and build a fulfillment workflow. However, Contractflow and Obligation flow can be leveraged together to give you high-visibility across your entire contract management process!

How many tasks can I create for each obligation?

You can create as many tasks as you need to successfully complete your obligations—the system does not impose any limit on the number.

What format do the contracts need to be to extract obligations?

Obligationflow can discover obligations from contracts in any format, from PDFs and scanned images to Word files.

Will it work with non-quantifiable obligations?

Get an overview of all the essential contract metrics in one glance with a visual, user-friendly dashboard.

How long does it take to deploy Obligationflow?

Get an overview of all the essential contract metrics in one glance with a visual, user-friendly dashboard.

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Save time and costs with Aavenir Obligationflow.

Stop relying on age-old manual processes for obligation fulfillment.

Manage your ongoing obligations successfully and reduce the workload on your employees with smart, modern obligation fulfillment software.

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