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Accelerate the vendor qualification process using milestone-based RFX-to-Award workflow and collaborative vendor scoring.


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Vendor RFP/RFQ/RFI management solution built on ServiceNow.

Aavenir RFPflow allows anyone to request direct and indirect procurements offers from various vendors and select the best-value vendor, both in regards to skills and budget. With the help of Aavenir RFPflow, your procurement team can easily collaborate with enterprise teams to create a need-focused RFP questionnaire and execute milestone-based supplier response collection process on ServiceNow. After the responses are collected, all stakeholders can score each response individually, perform comparative supplier evaluation, and award a bid to the most qualified suppliers.

Built on the Now platform®, Aavenir RFPflow offers an easily configurable RFP workflow that brings the procurement and other enterprise teams on the same platform to accelerate best-value sourcing (RFPs/RFQs/RFIs) activities.


Explore capabilities of Aavenir RFPflow


Quickly Create RFP/RFI/RFQ using Question Library and RFX Templates

Quickly prepare RFP as per your enterprise-specific sourcing requirements by leveraging editable RFP/RFQ/RFI templates and standard question banks. The sourcing, procurement, and other enterprise teams can collaborate and create a question library covering comprehensive evaluation criteria for your various procurement categories.


Request Vendor Responses with Milestone-based RFP/RFI/RFQ Workflow

Define RFP-to-award lifecycle stages and timeline. Assign vendors and internal stakeholders on a unified RFP-to-Award workflow. Ensure vendor responses are collected on time with milestone-based task alerts and notifications for deadlines.


Assess vendor responses and identify the best-value vendor using a single view of side-by-side vendor comparison.

After you’ve received responses to RFIs or RFPs from potential vendors or suppliers, use RFPflow to evaluate responses, compare their qualifications, and review with stakeholders. 

Spend less effort in collaborating discrete vendor responses usually received via emails in different formats (i.e. word or excel sheet).


Monitor RFX-to-Award Lifecycle

Organize and track the vendor and selection process as well as ensure that you’re meeting all milestones. Get real-time visibility into vendor responses as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. 

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See How Aavenir RFPflow Delivers Business Value

Creation Time


Faster RFX

The Manual Way

From receiving invoices by email to scanning data, sorting, validation —to summarising in excel, approving and making payment.

The average time-to-process an invoice today is ~8.3 days.

Aavenir Invoiceflow Automation

  • Automatically collect invoices from emails or folder, auto-extract invoice data, enter records, and perform 2-way/3-way match
  • Auto-assign stakeholders to approval workflow.

Reduces up to 80% of work time.

Processing Cost


Lower Invoice
Processing Cost

The Manual Way

The average cost to process a single invoice (all-inclusive, including labor, overhead, technology, etc.) increases due to inefficiencies in day-to-day operations that support invoice processing.

The average cost an invoice today is ~$10.08.

Aavenir Invoiceflow Automation

  • Eliminate paper invoices and storage costs.
  • Avail Discounts for early payments.
  • Reduce late payments or over payments
  • Eliminate invoice data entry cost

Improves productivity and efficiency.

Exception Rates


Lower Invoice Exceptions

The Manual Way

Resolving Invoice exceptions are the scourge of most AP teams and negatively impact their operational efficiency. The average rate of invoice exceptions is 22.6%.

Aavenir Invoiceflow Automation

  • Automatically link invoices to purchase orders (POs), Receipts, and Contracts.
  • Higher the percentage of invoices processed in a “straight-through” manner.

A single source of truth, easy resolutions.

40% faster RFX-to-award cycle time

Increase sourcing speed, unleash productivity, and fuel innovation across your teams and geographies.

68% increase in RFP compliance

Ensure RFP compliance by using pre-built templates, standard questions, automated workflow and approval routing to reduce business risk.

Faster time-to-value

Start creating your RFP from the first day of a single-click Aavenir RFPflow installation to maximize your ROI.

Reduce Sourcing Cost

RFPflow helps you identify opportunities that drive cost savings and optimization across all sourcing events

Faster time-to-value

Start creating your RFP from the first day of a single-click Aavenir RFPflow installation to maximize your ROI.

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Why ServiceNow Customers Prefer Aavenir RFPflow

Built as a native ServiceNow application, Aavenir RFPflow can. help ServiceNow platform customers to capitalize on existing investment. Having Aavenir on ServiceNow offers many benefits including:
Fast Deployment via App Store

Aavenir RFPflow is available via ServiceNow App Store, meaning; ServiceNow customers can easily deploy it, manage it and install all required upgrades using the same ServiceNow administration.

Continuous Improvement

Built by sourcing system experts, Aavenir RFPflow continuously gets upgraded with the latest functionalities and the AI capabilities to improve sourcing team productivity and efficiency.

Time and Effort Reduction

Instead of implementing from scratch, Aavenir RFPflow offers a highly scalable, and fully adaptable enterprise-grade app; which results in saving time, efforts, and cost of implementation.

Single Sign-on and Extensibility

Built to support a single platform strategy, Aavenir RFPflow is accessible using the same Now platform credentials and can be easily integrated with ServiceNow packaged applications (vendor management) and existing ERP or vendor systems.


Seamlessly Connect with ServiceNow and Enterprise Apps


Integrate with other Now platform solutions such as vendor management, CRM, GRC, SLA Management, etc. Read a Blog


Import vendor information from SAP Ariba to ServiceNow using integration hub and manage vendor payments using Aavenir Contractflow on the Now platform.

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Match invoice information against vendor contract information to ensure additional discounts, offers, and rebates are being availed.


Aavenir RFPflow allows vendors to respond to RFP/RFQ/RFI using Microsoft Word. Easily import all responses in Aavenir RFPflow with a single click.


See the latest from Aavenir for Sourcing and Procurement Leaders.


Find the Contractflow package that works for your business.


Get started with our basic digital contract management package so you can send, sign and organise contracts with more efficiency and a better visibility.
  • Create contract requests
  • Access custom templates
  • Contract Workflow
  • e-Sign Contracts
  • Track contract(s) status
  • Store unlimited contracts


Includes all features of Professional and many advanced features to Collaborate in teams and manage contracts throughout the lifecycle to get the maximum value out of your legal work.
  • Contract Analytics Dashboard
  • Create custom contract templates
  • Import third-party contracts
  • Redline using Microsoft Word Plugin
  • AI-enabled smart suggestions
  • Obligation management
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