Request for Proposal Management

Aavenir's easy-to-use RFP software streamlines sourcing cycle and accelerates supplier qualification for strategic supplier engagements


Why streamlining sourcing is critical to success ?

The pressure to speed forces 63% of CPOs to skip reviewing market intelligence or introduce bad trade-offs, such as lower supplier quality, higher costs or contract proliferation. Aavenir RFPflow allows you to request direct and indirect procurements offers from various suppliers and select the supplier that best meets your criteria, both in regards to skill and budget. Using Aavenir RFPFlow, procurement team can easily create need-based RFP questionnaire, request milestone-based supplier response, perform comparative supplier evaluation, and award a bid to the most qualified supplier.


RFP Authoring

Quickly prepare RFP as per your enterprise-specific sourcing requirements by leveraging editable RFP/RFQ/RFI templates and standard question banks.

Collaborative Sourcing

Bring business team, procurement team and suppliers on a single platform to reduce the rework of updating RFP to meet midbuy requirement changes.


Best-Value Suppliers

Spend less effort on dealing with discreate supplier responses, and make well-informed decisions using a single view of side-by-side supplier comparison.

The Integrated Source-to-Contract Software

Built on innovative ServiceNow platform, Aavenir RFPFlow offers tight integration with full Aavenir Source-to-Pay (S2P) suite to standardize source-to-contract and procure-to-pay processes across teams and business units. Using Aavenir RFPflow together with Aavenir Source-Pay suite eliminates the sourcing gaps caused by stand-alone procurement and sourcing applications such as lack of visibility, redundant data entries and data inconsistencies.

Build Reusable RFP Questionnaire

Create weightage-based RFI/ RFP/RFQ questions or sections and keep them in centralized knowledge base. Select RFP template and drag-n-drop pre-approved questions/sections to improve RFX approval time.


Define Milestone-based RFP Workflow

Define RFP-to-award lifecycle stages and timeline. Assign suppliers & management team on a unified workflow to receive milestone-based task alerts and notifications for deadlines.

Integrate with Enterprise Applications

Aavenir RFPflow can be easily integrated with Aavenir Contractflow or other ERP systems. It also offers a feature to generate RFP in MS-WORD for suppliers to fill in responses and easily imported back on system.


Implement Strategic Sourcing with Greater Accuracy

RFPFlow is easy to implement and simple to use on your ServiceNow instance, which translates to better vendor selection and evaluation. With Aavenir, spend less time dealing with disparate data, and more time gaining benefits from collaborative sourcing activities.

40% faster RFX-to-award cycle time

Increase sourcing speed, unleash productivity, and fuel innovation across your teams and geographies.

Faster time-to-value

Start creating your RFP from the first day of a single-click Aavenir RFPflow installation to maximize your ROI.

68% increase in RFP compliance

Ensure RFP compliance by using pre-built templates, standard questions, automated workflow and approval routing to reduce business risk.

Reduce Sourcing Cost

RFPflow helps you easily identify opportunities that drive cost savings and optimization across all sourcing events

See how Aavenir RFPflow can help

Learn how Aavenir RFPflow - Request for Proposal Management solution empowers procurement and supplier development teams with everything they need to accelerate procurements without introducing bad trade-offs. Explore how to manage strategic supplier relationships on ServiceNow by installing all source-to-pay components easily available from ServiceNow App Store.


Aavenir RFPflow on ServiceNow

Aavenir RFPflow application is available to install with a single-click from ServiceNow App Store.

Aavenir's Source-to-Pay solutions are purpose-built on ServiceNow, the world’s most innovative single enterprise platform delivering the  IT,  employee, and  customer workflows that matter—with enterprise solutions to help drive every part of your digital transformation. More than 6,200 enterprise customers worldwide use ServiceNow to drive digital transformation.

Streamline your RFP and Sourcing Operations

See Aavenir’s RFPflow application suite in action and make an informed decision, today.

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